As far as evangelical Christianity – this has always been a way to insert Jewish, communist type values into Christianity.

There is an evangelical mega “church” where I’m from in Columbus, Ohio that is literally run by “Jews for Jesus.” It’s the biggest church in the city. It’s called “The Vineyard Fellowship.”

It’s spread out to Michigan now, through a franchising scheme, and all the way back in 2014, one of the franchises was among the first churches in America to support faggot anal marriage.

I’m sure there are good people in evangelicalism, but they haven’t followed the Bible for a very long time. It all stems from the Scofield Bible, which was funded by Jəws to say that Jĕws are “God’s Chosen People™,” and it was promoted by televangelists, many of whom were getting money directly from Israel.

Here’s the deal:

You can’t say “I believe in no sex before marriage and also, women should go to college and not get married until they’re thirty,” whatever follows that is going to be lies. Biology exists, and regardless of what Bill Gates may tell you, it is a hard science, just like physics. You can’t deny the basics of human reproduction for ideological purposes any more than you can fly, because you don’t believe in gravity.

You cannot build truth out of a lie. There is no way to support women’s education and women in the workplace and support the family. If you do not support the family, you are not a Christian.

Allowing women control was the first sin ever on earth. The bitch was taking advice from a talking snake for christsake, which is the first thing any woman will do if you let her out of your sight.

It was also the first sin of the modern church.

If Christianity would have held the line on feminism, none of what is happening right now would be happening. We would all live in happy families, and children would be safe – they wouldn’t be auctioned off to faggots by people claiming to represent Christ.

After feminism was entered into Christianity – and yes, by feminism I mean “any doctrine which says it is appropriate for a woman over nineteen years of age to be unmarried” – it was a straight shot to “we can just sell these kids to homosexuals.”

If it makes you feel any better, Billy Graham is in hell.