We are not going to get back to virgin (or soon after virginity) marriages any time soon. What I have outlined elsewhere is the ideal, and the natural order, rather than an attainable goal given the current dynamics of our society.

The best we can hope for now is that already damaged women are forced out of the slut lifestyle by circumstance or men take a stand together to best women back into their cages. Once a woman has had more than two sex partners, she is committed to the whore lifestyle and will not look back until she is in her late twenties and rushing to get pregnant only to find that high quality men are no longer interested in spending more than a couple of hours with her.

However, committed slut or not, her ability to engage in sluttery only exists insofar as she is capable of taking care of her own material needs. The most basic order of nature is that a man provides for the material needs of a woman in exchange for sex and the bringing forth of his sons, as well as taking care of some menial tasks around the house.

Our irrational anti-natal society, which creates these sluts in the first place, reinforces their ability to slut it up by forcing men to work to pay for women to remain single. Single women are given large amounts of welfare, which is the labor of men redistributed to women. The government also forces companies to hire women before men who could do the job way better and more efficiently through affirmative action. As we are entering a kind of economic collapse situation, there is a chance that women will no longer be able to parasite off men in this way, and will be forced to either assume the role of wives and provide men with sex and sons in exchange for material protection, or simply start taking cash in exchange for sex.

We don’t know that this will happen. We have no idea what is going to happen next, but we should always remain hopeful, and until masculine men take astand together and order women to behave, we should always, always, always have the primary goal of reestablishing the family unit as the core of our society.