Most men have no idea how dumb women really are, because women’s vaginas (their beauty) are really good at taking the focus away from the fact that women are drooling retards.

It’s like they have these warm, ravenous wet voids that devour male attention and prevent men from seeing these beings for what they truly are.

Daily Mail:

A hapless woman was left driving in circles at a gas station after failing to align her fuel tank with a pump four times.

The footage, which was captured by an unknown driver in the U.S, shows the woman pull the fuel pump towards her vehicle before realising that the gas tank is on the other side of her vehicle.

The confused driver returns to her seat and reverses her vehicle into a gas pump on the opposite side before once again noticing that she is on the wrong side again.

During the clip, the woman, who is wearing a face covering and dressed in a red crop top and denim jeans, parks her car parallel to the fuel pump and realises her gas tank is on the other side.

As she looks at her car in a state of confusion, the man recording the video explains: ‘The gas tank is on the other side and she already did this once.’

You may think that this is a rare occurrence, but it’s not. Women do even dumber stuff on a daily basis, but they successfully shrug it off with a “tehee my boobs are bouncy right now” when there are any witnesses.

Well this wasn’t the case for this one woman.

She died.

Women are like blank hard drives programed and designed to carry our wombs around for us. They can absorb information, and they have a kind of learning similar to that of computers, where men have to literally feed them data that they absorb with no critical thinking of their own, but if there are no men around to insert instructions into their brains, they just stand there, with a blank look in their eyes, in a kind of eternal wait. Or, in some cases, they enter a kind of infinite loop like the woman from the video, where they cannot for the life of them figure out the next step of a task on their own.

To better understand what women are, try looking at them as personal computers and laptops with varying OSs (operating systems). Some women are running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android or iOS. All in all, once you’ve gotten the hang of one OS, you start realizing that they’re all the same fundamentally. Certain differences may be found with regards to user interface, but it is all the same programing, code and kernel. In addition, you’ll find that some women are running on the outdated, undeveloped versions of each respective OS, while others are on the latest releases. Windows 98 as opposed to Windows 7 or Windows 10. Hence, you will find some women being “smarter” than others or more tolerable.

Finding a woman that is the equivalent to a Linux distro that still uses command lines or even a comprehensive GUI, is extremely rare. This is because most women’s hardware refuse the installation.

We cannot have a civilization if people believe that women are people. We just can’t. We did for the past 50 – 60 years, and look at what it has gotten us.

They are tools for us to use, and right now they’ve been infected with malware, because we refused to treat them as tools and maintain them, thinking that they’d maintain themselves.

Nature made women so that we didn’t have to mess around with artificial wombs, sex robots and artificial intelligence.