I’m not really sure that people are aware of just how powerful and active the Party Police have become.

Your neighbors will call them, and they will come to your house and break up your party. This is happening in virtually the entire Western world, and the media is continually making examples of partiers.

Just try to imagine, you’re having a get-together with your friends and the cops burst in and tell you parties are illegal. This is more serious oppression than has ever existed anywhere on earth in all of recorded history. At the height of the Bolshevik revolution, friends could get together in their homes and eat and chat with each other.

It is morbidly fascinating that people are accepting this state of things.

CTV News:

Police say they have issued a $2,300 fine to the host of a gender reveal party in downtown Vancouver for violating the provincial health order banning gatherings.

Vancouver Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Steve Addison said in an email that officers were called to an apartment near the intersection of Robson and Hamilton streets around 8:15 p.m. Saturday for a report of “a large gathering.”

When they arrived, police found 17 people inside.

“The host was given a $2,300 ticket and the party was shut down,” Addison said, adding that the incident “shows terrible judgment and consideration for the community.”

What does the community have to do with it?

These are grown adults, who made the big adult decision to risk getting the deadly virus by attending an event with their loved ones.

This concept that people’s personal decisions about what risks they want to take affect other people has never been elaborated on. I am not lying when I say that I don’t even know what the explanation is.

There was never a law that said you have to go to parties. Since long before coronavirus, and in fact all throughout history, if you wanted to lock yourself in your house, you were allowed to do so. So, people who are scared of getting the virus and dying have the option to remain on lockdown in their homes.

Even if you accept this entire doctrine we are being fed, people who choose to leave their homes are not harming anyone other than consenting adults.

“Everyone knows the rules by now, and while we appreciate these folks wanted to share a momentous occasion with friends, there are more responsible ways to do it,” he said. “It was a beautiful day yesterday. They could have gone outside, been socially distanced, and marked the occasion in a much safer way.”

It’s far from the first time Vancouver police have broken up gatherings and issued fines for breaking COVID-19 rules.

Late last month, they arrested a man for operating what they called “a makeshift nightclub” out of his penthouse apartment.

Before that, officers broke up a party with 100 attendees on New Year’s Eve.

Current provincial health orders prohibit events and private social gatherings of any size.

The Nuremberg Trials were a travesty of justice on a number of different levels. The most extreme level was that “eye-witness testimony” was used to convict people of crimes that there was no physical evidence of.

Furthermore, the concept of putting people on trial for losing a war is in itself a nutty concept.

But I used to say that claiming that “just following orders is no excuse” was wrong. I used to say “of course it’s an excuse, they were just following orders.” I have now changed my mind about that. I think that when this is all over, these Party Police should be brought before a tribunal, and charged with crimes against humanity for enforcing this lockdown.