That bitch Mourissa McCarthy got locked up fo she gettin that freak on with a chald. Six year old.

Bitch ass cops aint said if that keed was a boi or a gurl. You look that face of that bitch Mourissa, you aint know if she goin either way. She black as hell. She aint know.

The bitch is from up there in Passaic. Aint nobody know what that bitch be doin up there. How she get there? She crib be there? She aint even know.

That bitch Mourissa be 18. Bitch ass police aint even say is these she own keeds. They said she get freaky with the six year old and a five years old is watchin. That is some freak ass shit, bitch.

Cops says she be charged with “aggravated sexual assault” and “endangering the welfare of a minor” n sheeeit. She got sheself a minor problem, one might say.

Cops said this freak ass bitch might be doin 25 years to life fo dat shit. The bitch even record a video phone. Bitch crazy as phuk.

Yall gots ta think first, fo you go doin shit n sheeeit. Yall gotta feed yo keeds, yall caint be get yo freak on with them keeds. Its common sense, but yall muthafuggahs aint fond of thinkin, is you?

Apologies to Fox 5 New York.