Picture of a scared and scarred man, taken by a woman using her vagina as a camera shutter.

If something isn’t about vaginas, women will figure out a way to make it about vaginas, because it is all they truly are and have.

Daily Mail:

An artist who uses her vagina as a camera shutter to take photographs of male subjects is among the creatives whose work features in a book providing an ‘unapologetic look’ at women’s sexuality.

A Woman’s Right To Pleasure, the brainchild of writer Alexandra Weiss and her colleagues at New York’s Black Book gallery, is an erotic assortment of artwork and essays which celebrates female pleasure.

The book was compiled as an ‘act of resistance’ to generate dialogue about women’s sexual gratification, Weiss told The Guardian, at a time when women’s reproductive rights were under threat from the Trump administration which had banned taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients for abortions.

After feeling her attempt to capture her subject in a ‘normal’ way generated a rather ‘flat’ image which didn’t reflect her perspective on their relationship, she came across the work of Ann Hamilton, who put pinhole cameras in her mouth.

Lessnau said it ‘hit her’ that if Hamilton could do that, what was stopping her putting a camera in another bodily orifice.

She transformed eight plastic film canisters into pinhole cameras and covered each one with a condom – telling the Guardian the process was, like sex, messy, with a single exposure taking up to a minute and a half and requiring her to remain still with her legs apart.

‘Sometimes the shoots were sexual and sometimes they weren’t,’ Lessnau told the publication, adding that she used friends and ex-lovers as her subjects who were initially uneasy about having to stare at her intimate region for prolonged periods of time.

‘But there was always a lot of desire. The men in the series all responded differently – some saw it as fun, freeing. There were always interesting conversations… by the eighth shot, people are disarmed.’

So, she was experimenting on the men’s emotional reactions to being photographed with her vagina.

With regards to whether or not she is Jewish – she has a German name and she’s from New York, so probably. We would usually say “when it comes to women, it doesn’t really matter; white women all act like Jews now anyway. They are the original Jews”, but when it comes to inventing a new form of sexual perversion, then yes, that sounds remarkably Jewish.

She looks unmistakably Jewish.

What would be interesting to know is that if she was Jewish and the men were non-Jewish. It would then be another one of these sorts of experiments that the Jews do on us.

Remember that in Weimar Germany, the Jews were doing all sorts of weird experiments on people, including the first “sex change” surgeries. Now that Jews have brought back the tranny agenda (the Androgyn gods and goddesses found in the Talmud and Kaballah) and said it’s good, they’ve been bragging about the tranny doctor, stereotypical Jewish pervert Magnus Hirschfeld. (He even had a stereotypical Asian twink anal lover.)

The Jews had also created poverty and sucked up all the money, which forced goyim into prostitution, much of which was very weird.

The spread of weird sexual behaviors through society due to Jewish control of Germany was one of the reasons that the Bad Mustache Man was able to get so much traction.

Here’s a 1933 picture of some young people organized by Bad Mustache Man’s people marching in front of Hirschfeld’s “Institute for Sexual Research” in Berlin, demanding it be shut down.

(That’s probably an old BMW bike there, I guess? Hard to tell. It looks more like a British bike from the era, actually.)

The similarities between current America and Weimar Germany are actually staggering. You can see why Jews claimed Donald Trump was like Adolf Hitler. He wasn’t really very much like Adolf Hitler, but he was doing the same thing that Hitler did (fulfilling the zionist agenda) – he was complaining about the behavior of Jews, and saying he would fix it, in order to create an atmosphere of antisemitism, which Jews require to validate and promote their victimage. You can see how they were hit with “oy vey, this is deja vu all over again,” because they created it as they have always created their own persecution.

(Sorry, folks. This is what all the research and evidence shows).

Frankly, Albert Speer’s vision for Berlin, which you can see in this model, is a little bit overly modern. It was art deco and leaned a little bit too close to early brutalism.

Here’s more of Alexandra Weiss’ “art” (note that that’s a direct link to her site, so she’ll be able to see that you clicked in from Specular Effect – hopefully everyone is already using a proxy anyway).

It’s all pretty disgusting, but people should know that this is happening.