Apparently, the Chinese are concerned about their own vaccine.

South China Morning Post:

Public health workers in Beijing are the least willing to get a coronavirus jab compared to their peers elsewhere in China, according to a survey by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

It found that less than 74 per cent of all CDC staff in the capital would get vaccinated against Covid-19 voluntarily.

In other areas – such as Shandong, Sichuan and Hubei provinces – that rate was nearly 90 per cent.

Researchers with the CDC’s National Immunisation Programme, who conducted the survey, concluded that the higher the education level of staff, the less willing they were to get the jab.

More than 3,000 public health workers from across China took part in the survey in May and June last year, but the researchers noted that the results should be treated with caution since about a third of CDC employees did not respond.

Clearly, the ones who didn’t respond were at least hesitant. No one who is gung-ho on the vaccine is going to refuse to respond.

China has its own vaccine, and is not taking the Western ones. I don’t know if it is the same kind of vaccine. China in general has not gone along with the hoax, refusing to do mass lockdowns and destroy their economy.

Chinese do wear masks, but they’ve been doing that for decades, as a result of standard Asian neuroticism.

The Chinese vaccine, like the Russian one, is probably a placebo, and these health workers are probably concerned, because they’ve read the literature out of the West about the mRNA vaccine.

Currently, China’s education and health systems are based on a Western model, given that their existing society is primarily based on copy-catting the West.