That half white, mulatto bitch Meghan Markle, jungle lover of Prince Harry, went on with Oprah in an interview that aired Sunday night and declared that the entire royal family was racist against her.

She said she was so tortured by the hatred being expressed for the color of her skin that she considered committing suicide.

Imagine, being a literal princess living in a palace and whining that you’re a victim. Taking on the absolute absurd state of the blacks. It just never ends with these ungrateful savages. Victimhood is chic, thanks to women, because it is what women do. They are the perpetual victim.

Blacks and other PoC, adopt and embrace the Feminine, so you will find this constant victimhood mentality among groups that do. Victimage is feminine. Reason, rationality and taking responsibility for one’s own actions and decisions (good and bad) is Masculine.

According to social media, the masses of people are going along with this, and got the hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy trending on Twitter.

Of course, we now understand that social media trends are not actually real, and are instead being promoted by the companies themselves for the purpose of manipulating the culture. (That’s obviously on top of the fact that virtually all critics of the black worship regime have been banned from the platform).

On the other side of this, the Queen has announced that she is ordering a full investigation of allegations by palace staff that Markle abused them.

There isn’t a white American alive who hasn’t been bullied by a black woman or any PoC, so it would actually be shocking if she didn’t bully the staff. I would just have assumed she did before this even came out. It is just what minorities do to whites today in a feminized world.

For once I can say: I’m happy the Monarchy is standing up to something. This vicious mulatto cunt bitch is like something out of hell, and it was just a matter of time before she allied with Oprah (another vicious black cunt bitch) and revealed that “they hated the color of my skin.” By going on Oprah, in typical cunt female fashion, her accusing and claims are now legitimized and made factual. No questions about the veracity behind Markle’s statements are required neither will they be asked, because truth, facts and justice are Masculine and in a Feminine world, ultimately do not matter.

To be honest, I would actually have expected the Monarchy to just bow down, grovel and apologize profusely for their skin hate, but apparently this nasty bitch made such a horrible impression on the Queen that she herself is pushing to fight back against her defamation. Using her abuse of the staff as the method for that is actually brilliant. Chuckle with me! It is hilarious!

I have generally been anti-Monarchy in general, and have never been impressed with any of the current monarchies of the world (other than maybe Siam/Thailand). But this is a proud moment for not just the British Monarchy, but the entire nation of Britain.

I suspect the British will view this as an American problem, and will side with the Queen over this stupid cunt whore.