It wasn’t reported by the main news, but a woman dared speak up about the direction of CPAC at a side room at CPAC.

CNS News:

During a breakout session at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb. 27, pro-life activist Abby Johnson chastised the event for doing little to promote conservatism’s inherent ties to religious faith, for not defending traditional marriage, and for permitting morally subversive groups like the Log Cabin Republicans and Atheists for Liberty to exhibit at the conference.

“We have a problem with the conservative movement,” said Johnson, “we don’t hear enough of [the word of God] from the main stage [at CPAC]. I think gun rights, election integrity is important … but we need to hear more about God from the largest conservative conference in the United States.”

“They haven’t had one keynote speaker stand up there and talk about the attack on traditional marriage,” she said. “And they can’t. Because some of their sponsors are gay conservatives.”

The Log Cabin Republicans is an LGBT organization.

“Transgenderism is running rampant through CPAC and we’re not talking about traditional families, we’re not talking about traditional marriage,” added Johnson, “because we have compromised to this false sense of diversity.”

“We have a problem in the conservative movement,” she said. “Because we are allowing diversity to trump Jesus Christ.”

“There is an attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs in this country and we’re not addressing it at our country’s largest conservative conference?” she said. “Because what? Because we want sponsorships to roll in? Come on.”

Why do christians seem to think that conservativism is synonymous with Christianity? Rather, why do they believe that they hold a corner or a monopoly on being conservative? Why do they think conservatives are only heterosexual? Clearly there are gay conservatives.

This is not to make a case for or an excuse for homosexuality. Quite frankly I find homosexuality to be repulsive, but homosexuals have been among us since time immemorial and I suspect they will be here for a very long time to come. Again, this is not to say that I agree with homosexuality, rather I am trying to get people to understand what is actually taking place here and what is taking place is, certain abnormalities (homosexuality) and things that are uncommon are being normalized into the fabric of modern society.

This is another fundamental aspect of The Feminine, where the feminine and women in general, do not and cannot comprehend exceptions. Women will always focus on and try to make themselves the exceptions to the rules in everything and in whatever criticisms that do apply, because they are dumb and cannot comprehend that looking at the exceptions is retarded and what ought to be focused on is the commonality and what’s general. They then seek to create a new rule around the exceptions and normalize it. This is the stupidity, deceit and manipulation of women.

So, homosexuals, having adopted the Feminine and being the abnormality or an exception to the rule, have been normalized in today’s society, thanks to women (white women).

(You can blame Jəws all you want, and you would be right, but Jəws are just making full use of the tools they have at their disposal — women and their stupidity).

Nonetheless, this is why I, as an atheist (an exception), agree with Christian values as it pertains to the family unit — having a strong family unit with high parental investment which yields intelligent offspring and a high trust society.

Yet, I would be foolish to think that atheism or a feminine values system that promotes homosexuality, statism and other perverseness, ought to be normative and I’m almost certain, one would be hard pressed to find atheists like myself in large numbers. We are abnormalities and quite unique. I am not saying that groups that are abnormalities and exceptions should be hunted down, persecuted and killed. Of course not. I am saying being tolerant and mindful of their existence ought not to result in the normalizing of their pastimes and preoccupations.

Yet, this brings me to another point about Christianity: who says we need Christianity to achieve these things? Islam has done a tremendous job of having a strong family unit with high parental investment which yields intelligent offspring and a high trust society, so has Hinduism and I am not in advocacy for either of the aforementioned religions, because these customs and religions are race and IQ based.

However, so too is Christianity based on race and IQ. Has Christianity worked for Western Civilization? Yes, to a certain degree; up until it became about worshiping Jəws and complete and total irrationality. I’m sorry, but if you can believe in a virgin birth (humans performing parthenogenesis) and that someone can be raised from the dead (resurrection needs your death to happen twice), then you are totally irrational. This irrationality of Christians can be seen with their obsession with Trump and Q-Anon, where there is an underlying tonality of soteriology involved — awaiting a savior — which compromises any form of sustainability.

This is to say that Christianity is feminized and debasing, for it teaches supplication and damseling like a woman in distress, awaiting a savior. This is why Trump supporters (most are Christians) are totally duped and easily misled into thinking he was going to do something about anything.

Western Society does not need Christianity in order to survive. It needs to kick women’s asses and make the family unit and survival of Western Civilization its new religion — hyper rationality, logic and truth its pallbearers.

How long until all these people who are currently relegated to side rooms for being Christians end up at AFPAC?

Well, it is probably going to be next year.

Cookie Monster jokes just become a part of the background noise when CPAC is literally promoting ultra gay anal and trannies. It is past the tipping point and another reason as to how making conservatism synonymous to Christianity — a religion that embraces and teaches the doctrine that all and any kind of “sinner” and vile person can go to heaven as long as they believe — is utterly ridiculous. It has inevitably become all encompassing and tolerant — embracing diverse manners of perverseness.

(Christianity teaches that murderers, pedophiles, rapists, prostitutes, adulterers, swindlers, cheats and other forms of human monstrosities, can be these things with impunity, yet be forgiven by just believing and they will go to heaven. This is extremely toxic. It is feminine. Women believe they can do whatever they want and still be accepted. Think about a whore wearing a white dress at her wedding.

In other religions, there are sanctions and severe punishments for these heinous characters. Moral condemnation and ostracism are essential for the sustenance of any society. Christianity does not provide that. Christianity has not served us well).

The way Nick Fuentes set up the framework of AFPAC, to hold it annually in the same city as CPAC, makes it perfect for the plan to come together. He can go to these people, with his charisma and all Americanism, and say “well, you’re welcome at our conference – homosexuals, conversely, are not welcome.” We will see how long that holds up.

I’m quite sure Nick is taking note of this pro-life activist, and all of the others who tried to express dissent at CPAC and failed to gain any traction. They will be faced with a choice: “do I go with the assertively Christian guy who the lying media says is a neo-Nazi, or do I go with the people that are openly promoting trannies?”

I mean, Ted Cruz recently suggested that the Democrats are the real global warmers. Aside from Trump, he was the star attraction at CPAC.

Which do you think normal Christian people, who have seen the media call everyone (including Donald Trump himself) a “Nazi” for the better part of a decade, are going to side with?

By 2023, CPAC is going to be left with nothing but their donors, homosexuals and leftist gawkers.