Women are born traitors.

They literally can’t help themselves. They are sexually aroused by rebelliousness and war against the people who take care of them.

Brown women will sell out brown men to white men almost as quickly as the reverse.


Brazilian UFC strawweight beauty Polyana Viana has irked some fans from her homeland after being pictured in a cozy pose with men’s welterweight star Colby Covington – who once labeled Brazil a “dump”.

Former welterweight interim champ Covington posted an image to Instagram of himself with Viana with his arm draped across her shoulder and the smiling pair touching each other’s knees. Viana is also wearing a T-shirt with Covington’s ‘Chaos’ fighting moniker written across the front.

She’s wearing the race enemies symbols!

Total betrayal!

The picture racked up more than 72,000 ‘likes’ in the space of just a few hours, with some fans complementing Covington on “the biggest W of his career.”

“You finally found your queen of chaos?” asked another fan, while one gushed: “Future MMA power couple.”

Viana herself responded to the image with three ‘top’ emojis.

Others, however, were angered by the image and accused Viana of associating with a man who once branded fans in her homeland “filthy animals.”

After defeating local favorite Demian Maia in Sao Paulo in October of 2017, Covington grabbed the mic to launch into a diatribe against the furious crowd, screaming: “Brazil, you’re a dump. All you filthy animals suck.”

His statement was obviously and blatantly factual.


The point is: women are always the weakest link in any social order, and if you don’t keep them under control, they will sell you out and sell you down the river, ostensibly for sexual reasons.

The solution to the woman problem is to keep them locked down like the Moslems do and like all ancient civilizations did up until the 19th century used to do. Aa a matter of fact, a all races (including Jews), except the white race, understand the importance of this. Keep them in the house, and if they have to go out, make sure they’re covered up and accompanied by a man. Don’t give them rights.

I sincerely don’t advocate hitting or violence and just about any unnecessary use of force against anyone, but judging by what women have done to society and civilization at large, I can totally understand why some religions and societies did advocate for vthe beating of women. Like seriously. Women today need to be beaten.

These societies would beat them up when they get out of line (we know what “get out of line” means), reminding them that no matter what, you are in power, by order of nature, because you are so much stronger than them*.

Yet, all of this means nothing as long as women have access to the state by proxy. The government — the state — has been feminized and has wholeheartedly adopted The Feminine. Women, directly and through proxy wield the apparatus of power and now possess a monopoly on force and violence.

Seriously: right-wingers will say “you’re like a Moslem” for being against women’s rights, but go ahead and try to find me one instance from historic Western civilization (other than art) where women were not required to wear their hair tied up and cover their bodies?

Well, the only examples you will find are in the cases of collapsing empires, when women always do this same takeover maneuver and use sex to control the social order.

(Even then, they didn’t let them vote or give them the rights we’ve given them.)

Saying “being against women’s rights is like being a Moslem” is no different than saying “being against gay rights is like being a Moslem”! At CPAC, they’ve even started to promote this idea – that the left supports Islam and that’s going to take away the rights of anal assaulters!

Women have to be totally put back in their place, and they will go there as a matter of course when society collapses. However, you need to make sure that your post-apocalypse haven is strictly against women’s rights, or you will just get stormed and taken over by another haven. Your men will be killed, and your women and boys will be given to the new masters.

That’s the mode now: planning for how we are going to run our post-apocalyptic havens, and you all, readers, are likely to be leaders of these havens, because you are intelligent and you are gamers.

*I’m saying in an ideal social order. Obviously if you beat them up now, you will just go to prison. Actually, for a really long time.