Empowering women and empowering transgenders inevitably leads to a confrontation between these two groups.

It’s funny to see women getting at least a little bit of what they deserve. Essentially, they are getting exactly what they asked for. Where’s the “be nice” doctrine that is inveterate to the female bio-psycho-social make up? It isn’t functional anymore and is part of the array of what makes women effectually stupid. The dumb dichotomous and chaotic nature of women has absolutely no sustainability.


Legislators in more than 20 states have introduced bills this year that would ban transgender girls from competing on girls’ sports teams in public high schools. Yet in almost every case, sponsors cannot cite a single instance in their own state or region where such participation has caused problems.

The Associated Press reached out to two dozen state lawmakers sponsoring such measures around the country as well as the conservative groups supporting them and found only a few times it’s been an issue among the hundreds of thousands of American teenagers who play high school sports.

In South Carolina, for example, Rep. Ashley Trantham said she knew of no transgender athletes competing in the state and was proposing a ban to prevent possible problems in the future. Otherwise, she said during a recent hearing, “the next generation of female athletes in South Carolina may not have a chance to excel.”

In Tennessee, House Speaker Cameron Sexton conceded there may not actually be transgender students now participating in middle and high school sports; he said a bill was necessary so the state could be “proactive.”

Some lawmakers didn’t respond to AP’s queries. Others in places like Mississippi and Montana largely brushed aside the question or pointed to a pair of runners in Connecticut. Between 2017 and 2019, transgender sprinters Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood combined to win 15 championship races, prompting a lawsuit.

Supporters of transgender rights say the Connecticut case gets so much attention from conservatives because it’s the only example of its kind.

It’s their Exhibit A, and there’s no Exhibit B — absolutely none,” said Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and a prominent trans-rights attorney.

The multiple sports bills, he says, address a threat that doesn’t exist.

Women overwhelmingly support homosexuality and transgenderism. They have to, because it’s part of “being nice” and sociable. This is why they can never stand for anything and are not principled. This is why society is totally abysmal.

Women prioritize “niceness”. Therefore it is impossible for them to be honest and genuine about anything. It is also impossible for them to be intelligent and promote intelligence or any positive substantive standards of growth (maturation) and beauty (balance), because niceness — being nice or demanding one to be nice — always negates logic and reason for the sake of niceness. It tolerates and even promotes perverseness, aberrations and filth. So too, does it tolerate and excuse aberrant and irrational behavior; the inability to critically think — thereby creating a moral desolate wasteland of profound, abominable stupidity and destruction throughout any society. 

It’s like those stories of people whose exotic pets end up killing them.

You Can Do This

There is literally no downside to claiming that you’re a woman even while you live 100% like a man. They cannot even ask why you don’t take estrogen or “transition,” because that would imply that women must conform to the stereotypical image of women in order to be considered women. They won’t ask you why if you’re a woman, you don’t feel sexual attraction towards men, because that would imply that women cannot feel sexual attraction towards other women.

It’s all a giant, convoluted mess etch is exactly what women are, and it will crumble soon enough.

You might as well take advantage of it.

Enroll in female sports and beat them up. Jack off in the locker room. If anyone complains, sue them and you’ll win.