It’s hard enough to defend the anal homeland as a normal issue. Imagine doing it when you’ve got blood coming out of your whatever?  

Menstruating warriors will receive free products to prevent the blood from pouring out of the hole between their legs and sullying their fighting uniforms.

This is truly brave.

Daily Mail:

The Armed Forces are issuing female soldiers with sanitary products for the first time after its minister hailed the end of a ‘ridiculous’ situation where women had to pack their own supplies.

Prior to this, female personnel serving abroad were required to provide their own sanitary products.

Armed Forces minister James Heappey announced that a ‘provisions box’ would now be available on operations, containing sanitary products and spare underwear, to give female soldiers ‘peace of mind’ in environments where ‘everything’s run out’.

He added that the box would only be a temporary ’emergency’ solution and the force is currently working towards ensuring sanitary items such as tampons can be requested alongside food items when placing stock orders.

Mr Heappey added that it ‘doesn’t sit easy with me that a period is regarded as an emergency. I mean it happens every 28 days, so it isn’t an unexpected thing’.

Women make up 11 per cent of all Armed Forces personnel.

The move means that such items will now be available to female soldiers in the same way that essential items such as toilet roll and sun cream are provided.

Yes, there is a big push to provide these products to women for free in bathrooms around the world. Why? Because women have found a way to make themselves victims of their natural biological bodily functions. They somehow are oppressed and deserving of special treatment, because they bleed out of their front holes. They treat menstruation and pregnancy as illnesses, so they must receive free pads and tampons. In that case, why not free toilet paper and wet wipes?

This is an extremely bizarre thing, as it did not appear that any person with a uterus was claiming that this was some kind of extreme financial burden for women.

There is probably some way to start a conflict with trannies over this.

“Women in the military” is one of the first things in Western society which should have made people say “now wait just a minute here…”, yet I’m so for it. Hey, they want equality and think themselves to be just as capable as men are, right? Then it’s their turn to get blown to smithereens and mowed down by gun fire, and us men can sit back and be ungrateful cunts like they’ve been since… all of human history.

Get a load of this dumb bitch below.

(I swear, this is all women are about. Give them a chance at anything and they’ll turn it into attention-seeking whoredom. Whenever I see women, I can’t help but see petulant attention-seeking children. Being able to view women for what they truly are — dumb attention-seeking children — as a man, is a double edged sword. On one hand, you see them as, lying, deceitful, destructive, moronic, infantile cretins with absolutely no substance to them, at all, then on the other, you can’t really take them seriously enough to actually be sexually intrigued or aroused by them, because the only thing you are able to see is, child. Oh, and poopy butt. Yeah, children are not sexually intriguing and arousing to me, so that’s out of the fucking question. So, to an extent I envy the average man who is unable to see women for what they are and can look at the above photo with intrigue).

Yet boomers, who unfortunately never took issue with anything, ever, regarding women’s rights or colored folks’ rights; the only thing they started to get itchy about was the gay stuff, but by then it was too late. Women already had so much control that they were able to bring their homosexual comrades into power.

(Yes, I do know these are pictures of the Swiss military, but they’re the ones who have really pumped this thing hard).