Zach Snyder, director of Justice League and other 8-figure grossing Hollywood blockbuster films, has made and will release a film called “Army of the Dead” on Netflix.

It is to be released May 21.

Principal photography took place in 2019, before the lunacy, but the budget was later trimmed down.

Yes, the “Netflix exclusive” trend had already begun before the coronavirus, but now it seems that Hollywood is beginning to settle in and prepare for small budget productions to follow this new model.

Snyder’s “Snyder Cut” of Justice League will similarly be released on HBO’s premium service.

This is a total transformation of Hollywood. You can see it wherever you look – they are cutting budgets to accommodate streaming-only releases.

The Mortal Kombat movie, as one example, is finally being released on HBO’s streaming service, having been filmed for theaters.

By the way, it is offensive to me that Raiden has been “yellow washed” in this film. Sometimes the games portray him as white and sometimes as Asian (his glowing eyes make it hard to tell if he’s Asian in various games, frankly), but we have already established, through adaptations, that he’s supposed to be white.

Furthermore, this game and its associated properties were always multicultural, and there are a bunch of definite Asians in the film. Furthermore, Asians don’t even demand representation in films in the way black people do. Making Raiden Asian is just removing one more white person.

There is only one true Raiden on film, and that is Christopher Lambert from the 1995 film I saw in theaters with my brothers.

This true Raiden was confirmed in 2020’s Mortal Kombat 11, when Lambert came back to do Raiden’s voice.

Christopher Lambert you see was from Highlander, and that gave the movie version of MK a reference point for the character.

Furthermore, he’s only 63, and could have been brought back for this film.

But I know why they did it – Iron Fist. That character was a cultural reference for Raiden, a white man associated with Asian culture. And Netflix’s Iron Fist got totally canceled by a mob, because they said it was impossible for a white man to ever learn kung-fu, and if he did he would be appropriating Asian culture.

I will not be downloading a torrent and watching the new Mortal Kombat, despite slight interest, because of this yellow washing. Actually I might watch it, but if I do it will be for the purpose of writing a scathing review.

But I digress.

Basically, they want you to end up subscribing to 4-5 of these services, because you want to watch maybe just one product. For example, if you subscribed for a month to HBO’s stream because you wanted to see Mortal Kombat, they would just keep billing you, and you probably wouldn’t cancel the subscription, because it’s only $15 a month, and there might be something else you’ll want to watch on it at some point. Further, the process of actually ending the subscription is presumably arduous at best.

Disney’s model of making you pay $30 for a single movie seems to have flopped. I don’t know if it flopped because it became associated with Mulan, which became associated with not supporting Antifa in Hong Kong, or just because no one would pay that price, but the model appears to have disappeared (or be on the way out) and being switched out for this “all inclusive” (and presumably very difficult to cancel) subscription model.

(They seemed to think that the film being “new” meant that it should come at a premium, but I think people who would blow $150 taking the family for a night at the movies were doing it largely for the “night out” experience, not because of the newness of whatever was playing. What they were trying to do is more like the old Blockbuster movie rental place, and that used to only cost $3.99 for the most expensive films.)

One thing is certain: just as they are going to continue to feed you drugs, they are going to keep you on a steady diet of mind-numbing entertainment. That is, at least until they get you to the point where you are so genetically modified that your brain produces dopamine without the need for stimulation.

And yes, of course they are planning to do that.

They just have to figure out a way to do it without causing you to go insane.

An implantable microchip would solve this problem, as it could regulate the release of dopamine as a reward for when you are doing the correct behaviors.

This sounds insane, because it is insane, but it does appear to be the road that we are going down, regardless.

At some point, this is all going to come crashing down, because it is just too insane to actually work, too complicated and too entirely built on lies.

However, the good news is, people who undergo the genetic modification will likely be sterile, so that means we will not have to worry about accidentally mixing your DNA with that of the modified monstrosities in the world after the collapse.

You just need to start planning out how you are going to run your haven.