Isn’t this racist?


In what may sound like an eerie, next evolution of dating apps like Tinder, researchers have developed an AI system which can learn and predict which faces individual humans might find attractive based on their brain waves alone.

The joint team of psychologists and computer scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland used electroencephalography (EEG) measurements to catalogue which facial features people found to be attractive and then fed the results to a machine learning system called a generative adversarial neural network (GAN).

Some 30 volunteers were shown a series of artificially generated but highly realistic faces, none of whom belonged to real people, created from a dataset of around 200,000 images of celebrities. Each participant was fitted with electrodes to measure their brain activity.

“They did not have to do anything but look at the images,” explains cognitive neuroscientist Michiel Spape. “We measured their immediate brain response to the images.”

Remember this: they can already figure out all of this stuff from your internet usage. They don’t need an EEG machine.

Obviously, especially if you’ve ever used Tinder or watched porn, but also just from your basic clicking. We all have a moment where there’s something in the Daily Mail sidebar, some woman, and we click it mindlessly. All of that information is being put into databases.

So, if your perfect woman ever walks into your life, there’s just as much chance she’s a spy just as God hath sent her to you as a reward for not looking at porn.