We are their enemies. They are our enemy. Not that we wanted it this way, but (((they))) NEED it to be this way.

Become familiar with how they view us goyim.

The Torah/Tanakh — Ketuvim and its Nevi’im.

The Kabbalah — The Jewish Book of Mysticism that is derived from the Greek Gnostics

The Zohar.

What you think you understand to be “news” and random occurrences are merely a bunch of events, orchestrated by sick, twisted, demented psychopaths, seeking to “fulfill prophecy” by having it acted out, to legitimize their mythical superstitions.

Christians, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! You know NOTHING! You’ve never known anything! You have been duped and are tools for Jewish Zionist Supremacy. You are fools and a huge problem in the world.