It’s clear that Andrew Cuomo is cooked.

It’s nuts he’s still trying to hang on.

CBS News:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just lost the support of two of the country’s most powerful Democrats — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The senators are joining a growing chorus of lawmakers calling for Cuomo’s resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment.

“Confronting and overcoming the Covid crisis requires sure and steady leadership. We commend the brave actions of the individuals who have come forward with serious allegations of abuse and misconduct,” Schumer and Gillibrand said in a joint statement.

“Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York. Governor Cuomo should resign.”

This was of course all normal behavior, that happens in a work place, yet it shouldn’t. It happens, because men and women are put in close proximity and,v you know the thing. All he was doing was flirting with these women, which is totally fucking stupid, considering the gynocentric political climate we live under that is unusually hostile towards men (especially white menbin positions of power).

Furthermore, you can’t even say it was super inappropriate, because he is divorced. He wasn’t cheating on a wife, but it is still stupid and it is what men get when they refuse to learn and accept the truth and reality about women — they are very stupid, dangerous, manipulative, deceitful cunts.

Men and women would not be working together, let alone, women in the workplace at all, but Cuomo must have really pissed someone off, because these are the exact type of allegations that end up getting buried when they come for Democrats. He pissed of a Jew, for sure!

Cuomo is a moron with a very high opinion of himself, and the only explanation for this fall from grace is that he tried to go big on somebody bigger than him.

He does strike me as a dark and evil person, but t not because he touched some woman’s back at a wedding.

This is just a total crucifixion, by the media and by the Democrat Party. They are sending a message to everyone that they can manufacture nonsense and destroy you at any time.

Again, I find it hard to feel sorry for guys like him, though, because it is men like him who persecute and ridicule other men who get into inevitable conflicts with women; throwing them under the bus all in order to secure a name and status for themselves with women. So, it isn’t difficult for me to say, “fuck you, you piece of shit. You thought you were larger than life and had it all made, huh? You thought your financial status made you better than and different to us men down here, right?”

What does concern me about this is the trickling down effect. As it was with Weinstein, Donald Trump and many other high status men who were taken down by lying, whoring duplicitous cunts, so too will this feminine bullshit of canceling men find its way into the lives of us normal, average men. Lies and all. It’ll all be normalized into the fabric of our society. It has already.

This is why when I hear guys like styxhexxenhamner666 refer to Biden as pedo-Joe, it repulses me, because it shows that they are totally unaware of the negative ramifications of such accusations. Even if it is being said jokingly, they cannot see how this will bode poorly for white men. It begins to normalize into the psyche of the public that kids cannot be left alone with grandpa; that an old man cannot show public affection to kids, far more his own grand kids.

What truly grinds my shit about all this is that these guys are so caught up in the bullshit, fake paradigm of left vs. right so much, that they engage in the and shit-slinging they accuse the other side of doing. There is no pause for reflection on what is being said. Pedo-Joe? Come on man. That’s taking it too far, and the ramifications it will have on men in general will not be nice.