I truly don’t like doing the daily race war stuff, because it is just depressing and angering and I think everyone got the point: black people kill white people, every day. Niggers kill anyone everyday. They’re born to kill.

But with all of this insane “police are racist” stuff going on, it’s good to remember that nig nogs will open fire on cops, even in extremely low stakes situations. They are volatile and unpredictable animals.

ABC News:

A police officer has been shot in his face and the top of his head after responding to a shoplifting call at a department store.

The incident occurred on Friday, March 12 at approximately 3:27 p.m. at a JC Penney’s department store in Omaha, Nebraska, when Officer Jeffrey Wittstruck was dispatched to a report of a shoplifter who had been detained by security after they allegedly observed him taking a package of t-shirts and placing them in his backpack before attempting to exit the establishment without paying for them, according to the Omaha Police Department.

Authorities say that the suspect, later confirmed to be 21-year-old Kenya Lamont Jenkins Jr., initially gave store security a fake name and was not forthcoming or cooperative after being stopped.

The situation escalated quickly after Officer Wittstruck, who has been with the Omaha Police Department since September 2016, arrived on the scene.

Officer Wittstruck directed Jenkins to remove his backpack at which time Jenkins stood up and placed his right hand in his sweatshirt pocket,” said Police Chief Todd Schmaderer of the Omaha Police Department said in a statement. “Officer Wittstruck asked Jenkins to show his hands multiple times but Jenkins refused. Officer Wittstruck informed Jenkins he was under arrest and Jenkins remained uncooperative, pushing Officer Wittstruck away while he attempted to place handcuffs on Jenkins.”

According to the Omaha Police Department, Wittstruck and Jenkins got into a brief struggle before Wittstruck drew his taser and Jenkins placed his hand back into his sweatshirt pocket.

The police officer then deployed the taser but it was ineffective in stopping the situation with Jenkins.

Wittstruck attempted to arrest Jenkins for a second time in a brief struggle when the suspect pulled a gun out of his sweatshirt pocket and fired four times at Wittstruck, who was hit in his face and the top of his head.

Officer Wittstruck’s firearm had not been removed from its holster and was not fired at any point in the altercation with Jenkins.

What was he going to get? A fine?

They weren’t going to hold him in jail for stealing t-shirts.

But he decided to shoot this man in the head.

I think it is fair to be critical of the behavior of black people.

We must never forget: there is no racism. There is only bad behavior and the moral condemnation of it.

What would be nice to know is if these kinds of cop killings are happening more often because of Black Lives Matter. I think they must be, but we can’t get those statistics.

It’s not fair that people are expected to live with these people, and in fact treat them like gods, like they are so vastly morally superior to others. It is just totally absurd and insulting.

We need to have more conversations about race.