They are really taking this witch hunt of the police and armed forces seriously.

You’re not even allowed to read certain books.


The U.S. Capitol Police suspended an officer after anti-Semitic reading material was “discovered near his work area,” the department said on Monday.

The Washington Post, which first reported the story, said a congressional aide saw a printed copy of “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion” at a checkpoint inside the entrance of a congressional office building.

The tract, originally published in the early 20th century, is described by the Anti-Defamation League as “a classic in paranoid, racist literature.”

The officer is suspended pending an internal investigation.

“We take all allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously. Once this matter was brought to my attention, I immediately ordered the officer to be suspended until the Office of Professional Responsibility can thoroughly investigate,” said Acting Capitol Police chief Yogananda Pittman in a statement.

We’re in the middle of a full-on Bolshevik revolution. They are hunting down everyone.

The biggest part of it is to create a pandemic of paranoia, however. If you’re not allowed to have this book on your desk, what books are you allowed to have on your desk? If you’re not allowed to have the book on your desk, are you allowed to have it in your car? In your home?

Officers who want to keep their jobs are now left thinking: “should I go through my bookshelf, and burn every book that could possibly be considered associated with right-wing thought?”

People at other professions are doing the same.

What if you invite a colleague over for dinner, and he browses through your bookshelf in your den, and finds you own a book that contains ideas that have been banned? He could take a picture of it with his phone, and then get you fired.

The Protocols are Real

Whenever the Protocols are mentioned, I feel the need to point out that they are real. Or at least, they are true. The information in the book is demonstrably factual.

They are not actually minutes of a meeting of Jews. The book is written as fiction. But the information behind it is obviously true. There is no way someone could have predicted all of this stuff, 100 years ago, if there wasn’t some real information behind the book.

It is written in a silly way, sort of like a comic book, which makes it open for mockery, but the reason it was written that way is that it was intended to be distributed to peasants.

(Adolf Hitler actually didn’t like the book, and told people in the party to stop distributing it, because it was too silly, but silly or not, it contains deep truths, some of which Hitler himself would not live to see.)

(Sorry to say this, but the facts are, Hitler was against the book, because it revealed his Zionist cooperation and role he played in giving the Jews Palestine. (The Transfer Agreement or Haavara Agreement).

Yes. I’m over it! I can admit the man I revered (Adolf Hitler) was also coopted by Jews. I can accept this, because the evidence is damning.

Hitler was a groomed communist controlled oppositionist.

This is him at Kurt Eisner’s funeral in Bavaria, 1919.

Kurt Eisner was a Jewish “Socialist Democrat”/Communist who groomed Hitler and was revered by him.

This is all quite simple to comprehend and accept when you understand how sinister, evil and advanced Zionism and Jewry are.

As a matter of fact, all Nationalist Socialists are closeted communists, just like Hitler was. NatsBol (Nationalist Bolsheviks).

Here is more damning and saddening evidence:

Did he kill 6 million Jews? Only a moron would think and believe that.

As a matter fact, it was the Zionist Jews who were conducting the eugenics programs on their own fellow Jews in the concentration camps, such as Daschau and Auschwitz. They insisted in only taking the best of the best with them to Palestine.

Hitler also suppressed and banned any research into his background. He prohibited the Nazis themselves from looking into his ancestry. David Irving himself pointed out that when they started to investigate Hitler’s background and ancestry, he banned all the newspapers from doing so and all the files on him were placed in a Panzerschreck, in a safe and was marked the highest of state secrets.

In addition, Adolf Hitler killer several far-Left maid in the Night of the Long Knives. He did this in part to silence those who knew about his Communist past during the Soviet Republic. He omitted this from Mein Kamf. It is literally a gap in the timeline.

Brigitte Hamman, author of Hitler’s Vienna, gives lots of research on this and Hitler banned her book.

Hitler was for and to the Jewish Zionists, the Hamaan figure — the Esau to be attacked by Jacob — to be tricked into hating Jacob, to use the hate to destroy Jacob. Jews manufactured their own “persecution” and “antisemitism” and Hitler was their tool in carrying out their agenda, which was to get other Jews who would not go to Palestine willingly, to go due to “antisemitism”.)

You can read it for yourself, and imagine that this was written over 100 years ago, in Russia, and try to figure out how someone would know all of this stuff.