You knew the Pastor was a ginger, hard as nails

They are cracking down on Christians for being against man-on-man anal, they’re cracking down on Christians “because the coronavirus.”

What exactly do people reckon is going on with all that, eh?

Mildly concerning, is it not?

Almost as if the entire establishment is run by satanic cannibal pedophiles who hate Jesus Christ, no?

Christian Headlines:

A Canadian pastor who was jailed for holding in-person worship services in violation of COVID-19 restrictions will stay in jail until his May trial.

According to ChurchLeaders, Pastor James Coates, of GraceLife Church in Canada, will stay in jail until the May 3 trial, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Peter Michalyshyn ruled.

Coates turned himself into police after his church held an in-person worship service on Feb. 14. The church had been ordered to close in January for previously violating COVID-19 health restrictions. The church did not cap attendance at 15 percent occupancy and did not enforce social distancing or masks. Coates was also ordered to pay a $1,200 fine.

Coates turned himself in on Feb. 16.

“The law that Mr. Coates clearly intends not to be bound by remains valid and enforceable against him,” the judge said. “Mr. Coates’ strongly held religious beliefs and convictions do not overcome those valid and enforceable laws.”

Coates’ lawyer, however, said the pastor felt he had to choose between God and the government.

“Obedience is to his Lord, is to his God,” said James Kitchen of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. “And normally, obeying Jesus and obeying the government go right in hand … but the government’s forcing him into a position where he has to choose between disobeying God and obeying government, or obeying God and disobeying government.”

Previously, Coates had said he would not stop holding in-person services if he was granted bail.

James Kitchen better have something cooking here.

But whatever it is he’s whipping up, in the longer run, it doesn’t mean much. Christianity is under attack from every single angle, and Christians are simply going to have to learn to accept that they are now a persecuted class.

We are living in a world run by Satan himself.

All across the Western world, we are now being targeted.

Men with guns are taking our freedoms.

As much as we hear about how evil white people are, what are they really talking about? The whites who surrender to the system get a pass, do they not? The real target is WHITE CHRISTIANS.

Wake up Christians! The very people you are willing to die and sell your souls for to “fulfill prophecy” hate you and want you dead.

Jacob wants Esau and all of Edom and Amalek DEAD!

That means you, you stupid Christian. You dumb goyim.

Their true and most feared enemy is Amalek — atheists and nonbelievers — for we pose the biggest threat to them — logic and reason. Unlike you Christians, we atheists do not believe in talking snakes and donkeys, virgin births and zombie resurrections; our capacity to reason are very much intact, hence it being impossible for us to succumb to the chicanery and propaganda that is Jëwish “chosenness”. Their evil doctrine of racism and hatred are raindrops falling on our heads. We shake it off, because of the inherent absurdities.

But you! You Christians think you’re going to be raptured and one day you’ll be “caught up, to meet him in the sky”. You think virgins can give birth and there is a literal space daddy who speaks to you. Why wouldn’t you believe in Jəwish Supremacy?

There is no sustainability within your belief system. The very belief system that (((they))) invented and within its doctrine, you’re commanded to bless them and revere them, all the while they’ve been planning your destruction; for over 2000 years.

You are fit for their Noahide Laws and this fake virus/pandemic is the beginning of the rollout.