The fact that these companies are making such huge amounts of money from these vaccines should bring into question a conflict of interests among the medical establishment, which is so heavily funded by these companies.

Outside of any questions about what the vaccine is, what the virus is, and whatever else we can talk about, this is just very straightforward, simple corruption in action.

Pfizer has their annual reports of “charitable donations” available on their website, and the list includes hundreds of different organizations, all of which are aggressively in support of the vaccine program.

I took the time to browse through the 2020 Q1-Q2 (half the year) “U.S. Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organizations Funding Report” report, and it is 37 pages long. Here is just an example, the first page:

Note that this is only one type of bribe. They have several other categories of “funding” of various private institutions.

This will be the situation not just with Pfizer, but with any of the big pharma entities – they make sure to send money to everyone, in order that everyone has a good opinion of them. The government considers this bribery to be “charitable work.”

Beyond the medical establishment being fueled by big pharma, the governments that are trying to force these injections on us, claiming we are immoral if we don’t take them, are also heavily funded by these companies.

According to OpenSecrets, a site that tracks political donations and lobbying, Pfizer was number 25 in the United States in government lobbying in 2020.

They made millions in contributions directly to candidates, with Joe Biden being the number one recipient.

AstraZenecaModerna and Johnson & Johnson also made large contributions to both Democrats and Republicans, with all of them having Joe Biden as their top recipient.

How can you possibly have faith that the government will make impartial decisions regarding these vaccines, when their makers are bribing them with millions of dollars and this kind of shit happens?

This issue of corporate money is something that the old left used to talk a lot about, and it really and truly is a key issue, and a top topic in understanding how our society works.

Every institution in the Western world is pushing for the vaccine. Both Democrats and Republicans are pushing for the vaccine.