This is a step towards excluding people who think the wrong thoughts and refuse the coronavirus vaccine from the dating scene.

There are no reasons the dating apps shouldn’t get in on the tracking grid business. It’s an even bigger business than marketing male attention to women.

New York Post:

You no longer need a relative in the CIA to screen your upcoming dates. Tinder and other Match Group-owned dating platforms will soon allow everyday users to conduct background checks on their matches, the Verge reported.

“This is an industry first,” Match Group safety head Tracey Breeden told Yahoo News of the cutting-edge capability. “There have not been any background check options in the dating industry.”

The technology will come courtesy of Match’s undisclosed investment in Garbo, a nonprofit that seeks to permit everyday citizens to vet people based on basic info such as their first name and phone number.

Using these cursory details, Tinder trustees will reportedly be able to determine if someone they’re courting online has a criminal record, or other court designations like a restraining order.

That is mostly a feature that women will use to shame and discriminate against men. It is a way to shame men into getting vaxxed. The general tactic here is: if you don’t get vaxxed, you don’t get laid. As a first principle, always remember that women are stupid and everything that follows after their interference or whatever comes out of their value system is going to be just as dumb. Needless to say, there are men who are just as dumb who will fall for this.

To make things fair, Tinder should make women’s history of sexually transmitted diseases and infections available for men to check.