Here is proof of everything I’ve been saying about women: women are incredibly fucking stupid, don’t comprehend the world — economics, politics and just about anything at all — do not belong in public life and should not be able to vote.

From that video, it should become quite clear that being female is synonymous with being dumb. Being a woman itself is a mental illness.

These are truisms that have outlasted thousands of years of human existence, in every single nation, culture and society. It isn’t a matter of belief. It is a first principle based on FACTS! It is reality!

As a first principle, we must always remember that women are stupid and everything that follows after their interference or whatever comes out of their value system is going to be just as dumb. Needless to say, there are men who are just as dumb who will fall for the Feminine chicanery.

If most men would just adhere to one very crucial first principle — women are stupid — and act accordingly, they would be fine within their interactions with women.

For me, there’s no point in interacting with women, so what I write here about these front holes are going to be for the sake of edification of men.


Because the main preoccupation of women is “being nice” and telling them these truths about themselves will only result in banality — quips, buzz words and catch phrases to insult and shame. They can’t think for themselves and are not about learning anything, because women are not political no matter how much they pretend to be. They cannot debate and all they care about is themselves, so they cannot ever care about politics or rational debate beyond how it affects them, or how it makes them feel. None of it has anything to do with processing information. NONE OF IT!

They possess no interest in understanding how things essentially work. Only how it benefits them.

Yet, why? Why are they this way? Why are women so retarded and so stupid?

It is quite simple, actually.

Men take more risks and we are more aware of dangers than women are. This is due to the fact that we are biologically equipped with inclinations towards interacting with the outside world. It is how we have evolved, the reason why we are far more intelligent than women and why everything women know is due to us, men.

Women are biologically risk averse. They are not risk takers and thousands of years cannot be undone in less than 100 years of having women out in the public sphere where they do not belong. Women being risk averse means they are more susceptible to dangers and often misjudge and misapprehend possible threats. More importantly, being risk averse means there is hardly ever any learning curve, if any at all; psychological growth — maturation — never truly occurs. Women are perpetually children, therefore neotenized. A simple fact of life is, women just have not evolved to interact with the outside world as men have, so much of the chaos that comes from The Feminine, in society, is due to this emergent biological fact.

Women believe “being nice” is a virtue. “Being nice” is an expression for what is known as “Agreeableness” in psychology.

Were “being nice” to be treated as a virtue, in the Aristotelian sense — the Aristotelian mean — being nice would be an extreme. A deficiency in being nice — not being nice — can also be an extreme, but there’s one major problem with this. “Being nice” is subjective, hence it can never be a virtue, but a value. Values can be anything, therefore not concretely defined. Clearly, this is the case within the modern gynotopic nightmare we currently live in, where anything can be misconstrued as not being nice. What’s worse, there is never a balance in how much niceness is required or doled out. With women, niceness is always on either ends of the spectrum — extremes — nice or not nice — never a balance or in the middle, disregarding the concept of tradeoffs. One is always desired, of course, while the other is illusory, based on subjective emotionality and inability to deal with hard truths. They treat being nice as a moral absolute.

For instance, your wife asks you if she looks fat in a dress and you tell her, yes or perhaps, you skirt around it a bit by suggesting that the dress doesn’t bring out her best features; she more than likely will interpret this as you calling her fat and she’s mad at you for the rest of the week.

Or, your mom asks you how’s her cooking and you give her an honest critique; she picks your plate up and throws the food in the sink, or at best, she’s upset with you, too. Your female friend seeks out your advice and you are very candid and honest with her about herself and the poor choices she makes, she slowly starts distancing herself from you.

You’d probably say women are stupid, and you’d be right, because “women are stupid” is an all encompassing first principle in comprehending and efficiently dealing with them (if you are doomed to). It is also self evident and a truism that every single man encounters several times in his life when he has to interact with them. Yet, still, believe it or not, and luckily for you guys reading this, there is an explanation for this stupidity.

The reason women will get upset in those and many other similar scenarios is, women punish honesty. Yes! Believe it or not, women prefer lies. Lies that they want to hear and do not appreciate truth and honesty. Mind you, majority of the times they are not even aware that they are being lied to, just as long what is said to them is favorable and makes them feel cozy and tingly inside. As long as it’s nice.

Telling them the truth, essentially isn’t what they value (they only “value” it when it can be emotionalized and weaponized to create misery and make themselves a victim, as a result of not being able to handle the truth), especially when it doesn’t make them feel warm, cozy and tingly inside (tee hee hee). So, being truthful about whatever at the moment, as long as it is not in tandem with their desires, means you’re not being nice. Even if they say they appreciate your honesty, they truly do not and this is because, psychologically women think themselves to be perfect. Perfect, angelic beings who are dainty and can never do wrong and when you are honest — when you tell them the brutal honest truth (including the fact that they aren’t perfect) you’re in violation of the Niceness Doctrine. Rest assured, they will lie to you, too in order to never tarnish that image of perfection and perpetual self righteousness.

Bro, they will lie, hide, deflect and safe guard when they are caught in lie and may even cry rape or domestic violence once their bullshit is exposed.

It is therefore, safe to conclude that women cannot handle reality or truth and being nice is a subjective feminine construct that is based on what a woman wants and feels. Another way to look at it would be to understand that women expect men to be like women in their interactions — Agreeable — always, dumb. When they interact with other women, their goal in being nice is to stir up the warm, bubbly “tee hee hee” inside. Therefore, being honest, “being real”, reality are at odds with the feminine experience.

Moreover, it is also quite apparent that women are naturally inclined to keep up appearances to minimize conflict, due to the fact that they are risk averse, as mentioned before. This, again, is a biological function, perhaps used to minimize chances of death. In doing so, they have made “being nice” a virtue, but only in the sense of virtue signalling, otherwise they wouldn’t act like cunts in private, behind closed doors. It is all a charade. Pretentiousness and deceit. All evolutionary tactics of deception.

This is why they view nice guys in a negative light, because women use niceness as a way to manipulate others, so they think men who are nice to them are being nice to manipulate them.

For some, there are genuinely nice women, yet, for many this is just not the reality.

Women’s preoccupations in life, as a result of the “niceness” doctrine inherent to The Feminine — that which is destroying our planet — is the delusion of infinite happiness — glitz, glamor and giggles; “tee hee hee”, all to manipulate. This is why telling women “NO!” results in a meltdown and malfunction. The word “no” prohibits their pursuit of infinite happiness (knocks them back into reality) and curtails their abilities to manipulate. To them, “no” is inherently not nice.

This is how women fuck children and families up. Especially little boys. Then they wonder why some men are so effeminate and behave like women; like children. Women themselves are children and like children, cannot stand being told “No!” They think their kids should never experience moments of displeasure or unhappiness and project this insanity onto their kids and their kids turn into rotten, spoiled little manipulative shit bags who have barely made it out of the womb, yet think they understand the world and have these lofty expectations of society.

For women, the harsh realities of life are merely illusions, or worse, problems they can solve with a little sprinkle of “tee hee hee” and infinite pleasure here and there. Sometimes, “awww”, and “ooh yeeeah” and cooing like a baby helps to manipulate the outcomes they seek. Therefore, the issue with women and the Niceness Doctrine is less about being nice, but more about feigning niceness and manipulation.

In addition, as you have heard that dumb bitch in the video, women want to mommy everyone and everything disregarding the realities of tradeoffs in life. It is all or nothing. Everything is binary for them.

Yes, women are primitive, psychologically inept mental midgets who should have never been allowed to vote or be in public life. With such psychological inclinations, is it any wonder why the societies and the world at large as we live in is in such a mess? Women have totally destroyed the balance of society with their preoccupation with being nice, so much so that the truest essence of meaning and understanding of a thinganything — could never be learned nor understood by them. Be it politics, economics, education, science or philosophy; they can never be truly grasped by a creature whose main driving forces are pretentiousness and manipulation. Yet, we have mangina faggot ass mommy men assisting them in fucking us all over.

I’m sorry, but just like how no one can convince me that a person who believes in virgin births and a human rose from the dead after being murdered is intelligent, so too can they never convince me that women are intelligent.

Nope! Sorry. Sell That shit somewhere else, because this guy isn’t buying it. No sir!

Of course, as with everything, there are exceptions and sometimes the exceptions are the best rules. I will never deny this, yet it certainly depends on what we mean by the “the best rules”. When and how do they apply?

Were we to surmise “not all women are stupid” (which is certainly true) and those women who aren’t stupid to be the exceptions, and we posit that these exceptions “ought” to be the rule, are we suggesting that we ignore the actual rule; (that women are generally stupid) ignore what is common and general; pretend that what we actually see and our experiences aren’t so? Because, this is essentially how the female mind works and what women do and expect of the others — they ignore what is clear, obvious and blatant about them — they expect (men and women) to lie and cosign their fantasies. This applies to how they view and interact with the outside world, too. They pretend that whatever is, to not be as it is, but that it is not the way it is, and just as long as there are enough dumb ass women (sorry for the redundancy) around to pretend that what is to not actually be as it is, then it ceases to be what it is.

Women are truly incredibly stupid creatures and this retardation — failed mental gymnastics — is almost a misplaced power of sexual seduction that is extended to the outside world. Like that person who thinks he or she can charm anything and bend it to their will. They don’t understand the predator/prey dynamic, and believe their weaknesses and sexual dimorphic inadequacies will be rewarded, because they have to pretend and have coaxed others into pretending along with them, that there are no sexual dimorphic inadequacies. However, she knows there are, but she will invoke them conveniently when and if the reward for doing so is high, but pretending there is no sexual dimorphic inadequacies is her main preoccupation and disposition — in order to be like a man — the Female Animus.

Women think by virtue of their femininity — their femaleness — these things can be achieved. Their femininity being, having to pretend that whatever is so, isn’t so and they have the psychological comfort of knowing that society (men) will be there to catch them when they fall and bail them out for their stupidity. Thereby activating and utilizing the lying and pretending expectations she superimposes.

This is why their sense of danger is totally uncalibrated. The lion, to her, isn’t going to shred her stupid ass to pieces. No, it is little kitty that only needs to be cuddled and “shown affection”. Likewise, the bad boy only needs to be tamed. Pretend that the lion and the bad boy aren’t who and what they are, but are both in need of the supposed inherent virtues that are inveterate to her make up as a woman.

Again, women believe themselves to be the cure and answers to all the world’s ills (what she deems as ills — perceived ills — people, things and circumstances that need “fixing” and can only be “fixed” through her interventions).

So, no, we must never use the exceptions to the rule in that manner — as a way to ignore the general consensus and commonalies.

Instead, we must say, yes, generally women are retarded, solipsistic cretins that don’t understand themselves or the world, but there are exceptions — women who are indeed intelligent, objective and perceptive — and these exceptions ought to be the rule. Meaning, more women ought to be like them. Yet we fall into another dilemma — an is ought fallacy.

Considering the social landscape and climate of our society, anyone who disagrees with the statement, “women deserve to be beaten”, is a cerebral insufficient who isn’t paying attention, nor understand what is going on in the world.

Yet, it never fails. Women, like petulant children — their responses are always going to be geared towards being trite. Employing psychological guesswork and shaming language at every turn when their stupidity is pointed out. Hence, there can never be any introspection. NOTHING will change for the better, if change for the better is left up to women.

They must be beaten and caged, or ALL our lives will be destroyed even further.