Look, it doesn’t matter what race they are, what culture they come from or their familial background; women are extremely stupid.

Brandon Martinez is so much fun to watch, because everything he says is fact-based and he reveals how dumb women truly are. Many would see him as “racist”, but that’s because people are generally stupid and ignorant and have been brainwashed into thinking that facts are racist.

Facts are not racist. Facts cannot be racist.

I speak the same way he does and say the same things he says, to black, white and brown people. Yet, it NEVER FAILS! Women AND men, when encountering my boldness to speak on these issues, always resort to shaming language and psychological guesswork. “You must have been hurt in your last relationship”, ” you must hate your mom”, “your mom didn’t love or hug you enough”, “you hate women”, “you can’t get laid”, “you’re angry”, “you’re gay” and the list goes on and on.

When and if you see men reacting in this manner to information, it is because they’ve been feminized.

Women — the dumbest creatures on the planet that we have allowed to control our societies — know absolutely nothing about life and how the world works. They don’t care about facts, politics, reality, nor how anything works, not even if it benefits them. All they care about is that whatever it is does benefit them.

Women just exist, like primitive amoeba-like creatures with amoeba-sized brains that are impacted by the environment around them and they in turn are unable to interact. They are not explorative and their entire existence is stagnating. They are fed information. They don’t discover anything. Being a woman is a mental illness.

The shaming language and tactics are all they have, because they think they are infallible and above criticism.

The reason for this is simply that society at large has an affinity towards women and NO ONE, NO MAN

They employ specific forms of shaming that are solely purposed to keep the thinking man (the Sovereign Male who sees them for what they are) in check, and the shaming is supposed to act as a reminder that “hey, you’re not going to get any pussy if you keep that up.”

I just want to let you guys know that my position as with many many many other thinkers of yore, have
come to these conclusions based on intellectual pursuit and discovery. I did not suffer some emotional scarring, or suffered the loss of some burnt out flame. Quite frankly, I’ve never been dumped or cheated on (and if I’ve been cheated on, I don’t know about it, and at this point who gives a fuck), and I have only my experiences and observations to be grateful to.

Remember fellas, this kind of shaming when challenging women AND MEN about women and female behavior NEVER EVER FAILS. As a matter of fact, some of you were and are thinking it right now!

At this point, I will like to take the opportunity to bring clarity as to what my writings about women ARE and ARE NOT about.

My writings are for men who dare to speak out on their observations of women and are sick and tired of
having to be afraid to do so.

I write for men who do not maintain a tether to women in a manner which hinders objectivity.

I write for men who care about facts and objective truths about female behaviour and don’t care to hide about it anymore.

I write for men who do not care to support nor subscribe to gynocentrism and any form of female valorization and worship.

I’ve write for men who value and care about their intellect and intelligence to not have it be insulted by not being able to speak up about and out and against women, because it’s not popular or socially sanctioned. Women destroy society and something needs to be done about it.

I write for men who wish to come out of the darkness and reclaim their manhood which has been hijacked by the ever perpetuated female value system in today’s society.

I write for men who would like to give a voice to other men who recognize the biases held against men (particularly white men) and the misandry that has been allowed to flourish.

My writing are NOT about bashing women (although anything said outside of the favor of women will be
deemed as female bashing, because of the lack of objectivity and a lack of a complete understanding of gynocentrism — women being stupid and men being feminized), rather about MALE SOVEREIGNTY! OUR SOVEREIGNTY which has been hijacked by the promotion of female values — women being primarily the ones who infringe on Male Sovereignty.

“So are you saying that men should rule and women should be used as mats?”
NO! Absolutely not! I am saying men don’t need the mat, outside of its function of a mat and we should
stop pretending that the mat serves other purposes that we ourselves can handle.

(We men can cook, clean, entertain and educate ourselves and each other. Other than sex and the occasional nostalgic feeling for romance, we do not need the “counterpart” (women). This unwillingness to realize and accept this reality is what has led us down this path of destruction in the first place — our reliance on the latter). We failed to adhere to the first principles pertaining to women (women are stupid) and have allowed them free reign and roam in society. This has led to our demise — total collapse and destruction of Western Civilization.

Now I know some facetious clown may be reading this and is going to suggest that I’m promoting homosexuality, but no. This is the low-hanging fruit explanation that the pussy-begging lapdog mangina faggot ass mommy men resort to when encountering reality.

However, I like many others such as Jung, Kepler, Tesla, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Aristotle etc., have understood that bridges, tall buildings, scientific discovery and the advancement of technology NEVER came on the heels of the pursuit of vagina. NEVER! And there is an Aristotle in all of us; a Johannes Kepler, a Nikola Tesla, Jung, Nietzsche and definitely, MOST DEFINITELY a Schopenhauer.

As we men get older, we don’t relinquish our attraction or sexual orientations, but rather we seek to eke
out a simplistic, peaceful life for ourselves whereby we don’t have to succumb to the dictates of some
“vertical smile.” We come to the understanding that the juice is not worth the squeeze.

(For those who are married or have significant others and have families: learn the creature, so you will be
better equipped, LIKE THEM, to uphold and maintain your sovereignty – Male Sovereignty – so you can be in service to YOURSELF and not them).

Male Sovereignty — the definition of a REAL MAN.