I recently wrote something about how horrible popular culture is, and as is always the case – even all these years later – a reader commented:

You do have the choice to not consume this stuff.

As the regular reader is aware, my position is that you don’t really have that choice.

I gave him a refresher on a conversation I ’ve already had, over and over again, and I realized that others have probably forgotten or not heard the explanation as to why it is necessary to engage on some level with popular culture.

I replied:

I’ve had this conversation six million times. It’s already been fully debated and discussed, ad infinitum.

Yet I’ll reiterate, because it continues to be reiterated:

Consuming this media is a universal social norm, and if you don’t consume any of it, you are marked immediately as anti-social by virtually everyone in society.

It used to be this way with sports, and still is in some states and provinces I’m sure, where even if you didn’t watch sports, you had to have some knowledge of it, or you were immediately denoted as anti-social.

This also applies to disliking it (just like Google rewards dislikes almost as much as likes, because it’s engagement).

You can say: “screw Zach Snyder and his reboot of a film he already released, he just made a horrible film and tried to explain away why it was so horrible by saying he didn’t edit it. Now, all the hype for the ‘Snyder Cut’ is going to make people go in thinking it is going to be good, and then walk away with that impression, even though it will still be the same pile of garbage remixed.”

If you say something like that, people see that you are engaged, and mark it down in their brains that you’re normal. They also may agree or disagree.

Again: we’ve already been all the way through this, to Jupiter and back, and it is simply a fact of reality that if you totally abstain from entertainment media, and tell people that, you will be marked as suspicious and not part of the group.

It’s a sad reality, just like “there are black people in America” is a sad reality, but just like with the latter thing, it doesn’t go away because you wished for it to go away, so you have to be strategic in how you deal with it. Going around saying “just stop watching all media” is no different than saying “we’ll just ship the blacks back to Africa.” It is an autistic (or stupid, but usually autistic) denial of objective social realities.

The only answer is “I’m okay with being anti-social, I don’t talk to anyone other than my own family anyway.” This would mean you don’t work with anyone else. If you work with other people, and don’t talk to them about media, or don’t talk to them at all, they will mark you down and start trying to root you out. If you have a farm and only stay on the farm, or if you own a small business and only hire your friends who are high on red pills, then you can abstain from any knowledge of entertainment media. However, if your situation is different than that, and you do interact with other people, then you don’t really have a choice other than to be at least vaguely aware of what is going on in the entertainment world.

I don’t personally watch all that much entertainment media, but I do read about it. If I’m ever in a situation where I need to talk about it, I can give the passable level of input on it.

There is no plausible reason why you would want to appear anti-social to the people around you. So, you should always remain tapped in to whatever it is that normal people in your area are into, if you want to have any hope of influencing them and bringing them closer to the other side of things.

Before the coronavirus, I would make sure to try and watch every major blockbuster film. There are only about 5 of them a year, so it’s not a huge commitment. That probably matters less because of the coronavirus hoax, which is reshaping our culture. I don’t think I will be able to make it through the 4-hour Snyder Cut, even if Joker does say “we live in a society.” (But I do know that Zach Snyder bizarrely denounced Geeks + Gamers, which is a good thing to say in a conversation to someone who is into this, and as I just said, I did watch the trailer and know that the Joker is in it and says “we live in a society.” I could easily have a conversation with a person about the Snyder Cut, despite the fact that I really don’t think I can make it through it.)

I don’t have time to sit around and watch Netflix, but I do make sure to know what the popular shows are. I watch some of the YouTube channels where people hate on all of this stuff. RedLetterMedia for example is actually good entertainment based on reviewing bad entertainment, and it makes it fun to be aware of what is going on in popular culture without actually having to be a part of it.

I assume RLM is going to get banned in the next year or so, because they’re just going to make it against the rules on the internet to say anything negative about any aspect of the establishment, including allegedly entertaining media.

With the coronavirus scheme changing so much, it’s difficult to say what the new popular culture will look like. I think they are going to get rid of the big movies, and focus more on serialized streaming. The thing is, Game of Thrones was supposedly the most expensive TV show ever made, and a season of it was the same cost as a 2 hour film. The cost is in building the sets, hiring the actors and staff, flying them to locations, and so on. To make a 2 hour film, they film hundreds of hours of footage anyway, so lengthening the script doesn’t really make production costs significantly higher.

Films were made for theaters, and I think at this point, it is very clear that theaters are not coming back, at least nowhere near the scale that they were. People apparently showed that they are not willing to pay $30 to rent a movie to watch at home just because it’s new. Disney tried that with Mulan and some other films they’d already made before the lockdown began, and though the numbers were secret, they apparently weren’t good, because they’ve stopped doing that and no one else has tried it.

(The Atlantic wrote a big article about Mulan and Hollywood ending blockbusters, if you want more information on that topic. China obviously isn’t doing the whole “pandemic” hoax, and their theaters are still open, but they are also beginning to make their own films, so I don’t think Hollywood will continue the same form just for China.)

Point being: whatever the new culture is, you should make a point to be familiar with it, so you can talk about it in passing with people around you and not seem like a weirdo.

I do admit, whatever people are crazing over, I go in it opposite direction, but I don’t let people know this. For instance, I’ve never watched GoT and from what I’ve come to understand is that I haven’t missed anything with all the perverseness in this “society” we live in. Yet, whenever it comes up on conversation, I can say I’ve never watched it, but with a “is it really that good? Damn I’m going to binge watch t this weekend”.

It’s Your Life, I’m Just Telling You How It Is

As I said in my reply: it is fine to be against the entertainment, you just have to be engaged with it. You can say it all sucks. Probably, you should be able to say “oh but I did like [x entertainment product],” so you just don’t come across as totally negative, but even if you come across as totally negative, that doesn’t necessarily mark you as an outsider, it just marks you as miserable. (But c’mon – The Mandalorian was legitimately a fun time. I totally enjoyed it, begets it wasn’t full of sex and sexual perverseness, politically correct rhetoric and social justice warrior garbage.)

Facts are facts and reality is reality. If you want to live in a fantasy world, where you are going to work with a few people from the internet to build a perfect vision of a utopian society, and you refuse to be polluted with Jewish popular culture, you can do that. It’s your life. But understand that you will never have any impact on society at large, and that what you are doing is no different than a child playing pretend.

Staying Grounded in Society

Beyond just being able to talk to people, the fact of the matter is, you need to maintain some kind of connection to this society. For the sake of your own self, you need to have some understanding of what the people around you think and feel. Disconnecting from that is not going to make your life better, it will just make you alone and alienated. If you’re like me and aren’t afraid of that, then great, but still it is good to know and understand the current zeitgeist.

I have witnessed, over the last 5 years, that right-wingers who have embraced the “disconnect from society” philosophy have ended up forming cults. Most of you who have been involved in this scene immediately know what I’m talking about. That is not good. It does you no good to be in a cult, and that is the end result of engaging in fantasies.

These people end up hating normal people, and then the obvious question becomes: then why do you want to save white people, if you actually hate them? That is at the core of what we’ve seen with the remnants of the Alt-Right becoming increasingly bizarre and confused (aside from fed influence, of course – but the two go hand in hand).

We do live in a society. No matter how broken it is, we are a part of it. We can’t make that reality go away, no matter how many conversations we have on the internet about how we don’t ever watch any Jew media.

In the end, you wake up every morning in a society with other people. You can join a cult, you can go live in the woods alone and eat small birds, or you can deal with the reality you were born into.