People don’t get it and I’m reserved in assurance that some will never get it.

Everything we are as humans, boils down to one simple reality: a duality between male and female.

It is the crux of who we are at the core as humans and is the root of our human identity. All institutions, perceptions, perspectives and ideologies come out of the two — male or female. A society can only be male or female. It can never be both.

There is no proof of, “A functional society has a balance of the feminine and the masculine” ever being the case. This is just wishful thinking by people who believe saying this sort of thing sounds “nice”. It is more feminine virtue signaling.

What we have seen throughout human history is, Order vs. Chaos, where order was sustained and maintained by the Masculine suppressing and curtailing the Feminine which constantly sought to override and displace the Masculine for chaos to dominate. This fact of reality is seen among every racial group, society and populations.

There has NEVER been some utopic “balance” (Ying and Yang bullshit) where one side makes up for the shortcomings of the other. This is a blatant lie and wishful thinking of the Feminine and Female Animus. Without the Masculine to keep things in line and in check, we will always get dumb Feminine shit.

Everything you see going on in society and in the world today, that is bizarre, stupid, makes no sense, totally insane, chaotic, destructive and unjust, is due to FEMININE VALUES!

What is described in the video above, is exactly how the female mind works. The female mind detests the freedom of others, especially freedom of speech. Women do not and cannot comprehend freedom and they think rebellion is freedom, because they are dumb, dichotomous, duplicitous cretins. The Hate Crime Bill is a manifestation of this fact and the groyping host is a good example of men adopting The Feminine. He is going on about the Hate Crime Bill being an infringement on his freedom of speech, yet goes on to do the same to the caller by cutting him off, because he mentions Jews and their role in promoting transgenderism.

This is all too funny.

(Judaism is Feminine, by the way).

Nonetheless, we must never forget to understand that censorship and censureship — political correctness – are not masculine traits. They are constructs of the female mind. They are constructs geared towards policing those who violate the Niceness Doctrine.

This female doctrine is why retarded children are able to be born and exist among us. Because of the Niceness Doctrine, which is the hallmark of Feminine Values, retarded and infirmed children are seen as precious and just as normal as other people and what ensues from this feminine stupidity, is more stupidity and insanity.

The female Niceness Doctrine dictates that mentally disabled people are just as good, if not better than regular waiters and waitresses, and they are a suitable labor force. Those who recognize the stupidity in this and therefore refuse to eat at this establishment, will be shamed and labeled as “not being nice!” To avoid this public ridicule and social suicide, many simply succumb to the absurdity of the Niceness Doctrine.

Look at how stupid women are. Rest assured, there are men who are just as dumb as a result of adopting feminine values due to the fact that we live in a feminized society.

Women are so incredibly dumb, that they cannot see nor be honest with themselves about the reality that having mentally ill children creates a burden. A burden on themselves, the state and wider society. They also cannot fathom the mental abuse and strain they are putting these abnormalities under.

Soon, very soon, there willl be mentally retarded police officers on the force and in the military. Just watch. Continue to allow women free room in society and this will be the next phase of the gynotopia.

Yet, you see, women will be okay with anything perverse, debauched, stupid, kitsch, vile, immoral and hideous as long as they are not identified as being the source of whatever it may be. Meaning, if it comes from them, they believe that it is ultimately good, because they believe themselves to be perfect and the answer to all the world’s ills and problems; incapable of wrongdoing. Even still, whenever their stupidity is indeed revealed, and the products of their stupidity are highlighted, they will double down and defend the stupidity and immorality.

If and when their stupidity and perversions are not highlighted, they will kick and scream as in the the case below.

How do you think transgendered men (or women, I don’t know how it works) got into “women sports”? It was women and their stupidity who allowed it in the first place. Now their retardation is coming home to roost and they’re whining and crying like the fucking dumb children they are. Yet, no one is pointing out that it was women who are responsible for this. If the media were to constantly point out their complicity, you will see women double down on their stupidity. They will exhibit their dumb insolence and resistance to reproof. They will defend it to the end! More often than not, this is accompanied by censorship, censureship and a violent distancing from the person or persons calling them out on their stupidity. This, my friends, is how utterly stupid women are and why they are never worth it, outside of sex.

Quite frankly, I support the trannybro infestation of “women’s spaces” and so should you. Women are just too fucking stupid and it is high time we put their dumb asses in their places by not bailing them out once again.

Here are my reasons: It is not our battle to fight against a wedge women themselves have created and placed between us men and women. All of this is a direct result of their own ideology and the longer it stays an issue the worse it gets for them. They need to be taught a lesson.

We men would not waste time and energy helping them solve the problems they create for themselves and for others. We could be doing something else that furthers society and our personal self-improvement. Women are just not worth the effort, time and energy.

Women need to be ostracized and marginalized by trans ideology that have allowed to fester and permeate our society. This helps to build up resentment against leftism (a feminine ideology) among women and there is NOTHING they hate more than social exclusion.

So, say it with me! “Transwomen are women!”

Women’s sports was historically cisgendered only and it is time they shared the spotlight with transwomen. Just as how women have destroyed male spaces; deal with it you stupid cunts.

No one is saying you can’t play sports. We are just saying that transwomen can play, too!

Unless you’re just jealous that they are “more woman” than you.