Look, for you idiots out there who insist on challenging me on my ability to see the forest for the trees and see what these Jews are up to; FUCK YOU!

This shooting was another psyop as expected and things are about to unfold rapidly!

Biden repeats exactly what commander Yamaguchi said, yesterday, verbatim!

Biden: “We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again. I got that done when I was a senator. It passed, it was the law for the longest time and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again.”

You morons are still caught up in the Left vs. Right, and now, the Trump vs. Biden nonsense and are unable to think, see nor comprehend what is taking place, which is Jews vs. Us, goyim.

You clowns (and I am so sorry to have to insult my audience, but it is high time you guys woke up!) still believe that politics and government works. All this, despite the fact that everything we’ve seen unfold over the past year, shows otherwise.

The agenda is set. Get ready!

Most people still cannot comprehend, that whoever occupies the White House is inconsequential and amounts to the same results — obeisance and servitude to Zionist Jews and Israel.

Joe Biden, at the behest of Zionist Jews, who have totally taken over our government, now wants to ban all assault weapons and high capacity magazines. If your counter-argument to this is “they don’t even know what an assault rifle is”, you are an idiot. Instead of arguing trivial details you should be saying “not only will I not comply with any further gun laws, I demand you repeal red flag laws AND remove the ban on bump stocks.”

Show some balls. Our so-called representation never even introduced the idea of repealing gun laws that are already on the books, because they don’t actually represent us.

Wake up!

Seriously, though? Most people will NEVER wake up, because there is a culture of Non-Action in America, which is ultimately Feminine.

The psychological term for it is, “The Bystander Effect”. It is feminine in nature and can be seen where people just sit around and wait to be rescued like damsels in distress. We Americans are people who will bitch and moan; complain until the cows come home (the cows NEVER come home, by the way), damseling and mumbling with ire under our breaths, yet will not do anything about what affects us all.

You white nationalist should intimately know what it is I’m referring to. This is all you guys do. You guys, like everyone else, have been feminized and have allowed feminine values to override your manhoods. Always waiting for some messianic figure in the form of Hitler reincarnated who is going to fight for your cause and save you from the great replacement that WHITE WOMEN are responsible for.

You can blame the Jews all you want, and you will be right, but the Jews are just working with the tools at their disposal. Those tools happen to be white cuntbags who you guys think are infallible and perfect, even though all evidence do not support those claims.

Ultimately, this warped soteriological belief in the “second coming of Hitler” is extremely feminine and is necessary to keep the perpetual victim identity strong and unwavering. There must be someone to blame for x, y and z, which there is, but it also justifies the culture of non-action that is commonplace in American polity and culture.

14 words are gynocentric bullshit!

HOPE is Feminine. ACTION is Masculine and I am merely giving you guys the whole encompassing problem with our society (it is dominated by Feminine values) and giving you a familiar parallel which should appeal to your associative horizon.

All of you will be quite right in saying, “these Karen bitches” (most women) (a male Karen is still a Karen) and “beta losers”, just as long as you are aware that even your people — White Nationalists, Tradcons and WigNats — too have been feminized

Yes, even you guys will allow Biden to take your guns, just as how you will succumb to being forced a death vaccine on you. Americans will allow the encroachment and force to be used against them, because they will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ANYTHING.

These things that are ultimately being rolled out, are to foment the weird Zionist Jewish “end times”, bullshit mythical agenda, found in their mythical texts (Kaballah and Zohar), that only serve to grant dumb goyim Americans an opportunity to go online and write status messages and create memes around it, all to appear to be “woke” and informed, thereby becoming “cool”.

What do you think the culture of non-action is all about? It is an opportunity to bitch and moan and “create platforms” to “discuss” [bitch and moan] with no execution of actions. It’s all about, “See? Look at what they’re doing to us”, and nothing more.

This is all people like Styxx do, too? His platform is no different to what the MSM does, yet his objective is to bitch about what they say and do, yet, NO ACTION.

It is all to perpetuate the “Us vs Them” victim narrative, thereby keeping us stagnant and complacent, because we can “vent”. Like fucking women!

Women only care to vent, not solve problems. Hence, they make up most of the “activists”. Activists are just complainers and whiners. Not actors!

Americans are all on social media just talking and venting; behaving like women and there is NO SOLIDARITY for any action towards any cause.

Why do you think they can indirectly force us to wear masks on airplanes when it is proven over and over again that makes don’t work?! It is because there is no solidarity among the populace. Choice was never the issue. Solidarity is, and this is why they need to keep the ubiquitous theme of a Left vs. Right, Trump vs. Biden, Mask-wearers vs. Anti-maskers and vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers paradigms alive. No togetherness! No solidarity.

Were we all to get together and do something about these fucking usurpers and parasites in congress and in the senate — the lobbyists and those who infringe on our constitutional rights — there would be real togetherness and solidarity; we would take this nation back and steer it in the direction we want.

This is what I and many thought January 6th was going to be, but we were oh, so wrong!

Americans DID NOTHING!

January 6th is arguably the most important day in American history. It’ll go down as the day Americans stood by and did NOTHING. They facilitated a communist takeover by their non-action.

Yes! Trump was in on it and a Zionist shill!

(Remember folks, Trump was NOT the 2A hero that we needed him to be, not even close.

The GOP controlled the white house and both houses of congress for two years. They could have easily rolled back decades worth of Democrat gun control, but they didn’t roll back a single law.

President Trump could have very easily rolled back the ban on importing arms from Russia, but he didn’t. Big giant failure. I don’t know about you guys, but I like what Kalashnikov is up to these days, but we can’t import any of it into the US.

President Trump pretended to be a hero of the 2A, but really he wasn’t).

What the fuck were they showing up at the Capitol for in the first place if they weren’t about doing anything? Like fucking women! Just to show their asses and grasp at any photo-op to put on their social media platforms? Like fucking women!

Yet, what happened was they all got caught in other false flag, psyop, honeypot trap set by Zionist Jews (FBI, CIA, ADL, Roger Stone, QAnonsense etc.).

Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes and all of them are just patsies, working with military intelligence agencies (Jewish Zionists!).

This gun seizure is going on be no different. Americans aren’t going to do a fucking thing! Of course, I truly hope that I am wrong.

A year from now, when your guns are gone, you’ll still be “discussing” the issues and talking about “we have rights under the constitution”.


Jews couldn’t give a rats ass about the constitution. What they care about is ushering in the observances of Noahide Laws unto all gentiles. This means guns have to go! They see guns as idols of Christian Americans.

The Jews are deathly afraid of an armed citizenry, and BELIEVE ME; they are coming for our guns. I can assure you that!


We need another Capitol Storm. Oh, wait… they’ve got the Capitol surrounded with military guards.

“What iz we gon’ do now?”


Biden’s address. FULL VERSION.