Once again, there has been another mass shooting. This time in Boulder, Colorado.

It is alleged that 6 people have been murdered and the suspect has been apprehended by law enforcement and is currently in the hospital receiving medical care after he himself was shot by an officer. One officer is said to have been shot and killed.

We know absolutely nothing more.

Officer and Commander Yamaguchi refuses to disclose any information. Not even the identity of the shooter or the type of gun used are being disclosed. They’re playing this one really close to the chest. Truly strange!

This man says his daughter and grandchildren were in the pharmacy for a COVID shot when the shooter came in and “shot the woman in front of them”, before they hid in a coat closet.

He laughs and says, “half a dozen storm troopers, cops came in through the roof & got ’em.”

“…this put in a big pitch for gun control”, he says, making it almost obvious that he a crisis actor with the agenda of pushing gun control.

Meanwhile, there were reports of a second active shooter at Boulder High school. A group of officers came running from the direction of the store leaving the scene headed somewhere else.

Initial reports stated that SWAT personnel were en route to an apartment for a ‘disturbed individual’. The police were asking residents to remain inside and lock their doors. It was later confirmed that the incident was NOT on the high school’s campus.

Wouldn’t that have been something if it was on the high school grounds?

The headlines would read, “Mass School Shooting Amidst Fourth Wave of Covid 19 Pandemic”.

I suspect this to be a total false flag, again in order to justify taking away our guns. You just wait and see. They’re coming for our guns!

So fake! He went in the store where he is told that “one of them…” (indicating that there is more than one) is inside, yet they’re both standing there nonchalantly.

This is all just too much.

The Jewish mainstream media is so busy pumping out the lastest anti-gun narrative to every city in America, tha they’re getting lazy in their automation.

All in support of the Democrats new gun grab laws.