It is interesting to say the least, that just days ago, a Colorado judge struck down a ban on AR-15 style assault weapons, and then the shooting happens.

It is high time we understand that nothing happens in our society and the world over, randomly or by chance. These events are all orchestrated.

Please, go tell your retarded boomer friends and neighbors this.

Saying this was a psyop doesn’t mean people don’t actually get killed. Of course they do! That’s the whole point that is intended to be driven home.

What we mean by a psyop is that it is planned and orchestrated with specific involved actors and perpetrators.

The FBI is well known for this, as they coax and manipulate the fringe elements of our society into doing their bidding on behalf of political bodies in our government — Jews!

They work these kooks, brainwashing them and creating a dependency identical to Stockholm syndrome and when it is time to put them to use to serve a political agenda, such as banning guns and gun seizures, they set these unhinged people loose.

Still, they monitor them closely while they go on their rampages, making sure they don’t expose the operation. Most of the times they end up dead.

This was the case with Sandy Hook and the Parkland shooting in Florida where Sheriff Scott Israel [Jew] was behind the entire ordeal.

There is a Jewish Police force of Parkland, Florida, attached to the BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office) that answers to no one, but itself.

The Jews are behind the gun seizures in America. The Jews want an unarmed citizenry (especially white Americans) to be able to carry out their Zionist/Communist agenda and Noahide goyim like Biden are just tools to make this happen.

They are pushing this narrative nationwide — that whites are dangerous maniacs with guns who need to be stopped by having their guns taken away.

How bold and ironic of a Boulder resident to bring up vaccines, stormtroopers (Nazis) and gun control in one interview?

UPDATE: 10, yes 10 people have been murdered in yesterday’s shooting. I’m surprised they didn’t say 6 gajillion.


Two months into the fake administration and they’re pumping out these fake mass shootings like they’re being mass produced on a production line.

The Jews are giving a boost to this gun control narrative.

As always, queue for a photo of crying and whaling cunt bags being “rescued”. We know from the initial video shown here in this article, that there were practically no people in the store.

I’m not buying into it, neither should you. We will see what unfurls in the next few hours.