Courtroom sketch of a police sergeant on trial for a meme.

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The Guardian:

A British police sergeant sent a “grossly offensive” doctored image of George Floyd’s arrest to fellow officers for a “cheap laugh”, a court has been told.

Geraint Jones, 47, a custody sergeant in Torquay, shared the meme – in which the police officer who arrested Floyd was replaced with a naked black man – with colleagues at Devon and Cornwall police less than a week after Floyd’s death in May last year.

He said the issue of whether the image had a racial angle “never even entered my mind” and it was intended to amuse his colleagues rather than cause offence.

Plymouth magistrates court heard that the officer forwarded the meme to a WhatsApp group of eight other people, including six police officers, after being sent it by a friend.

The meme featured Floyd’s arrest in Minneapolis on 25 May, with an image of a naked American man, Wardy Joubert III, taking the place of the arresting officer.

Two members of the WhatsApp group replied with laughing emojis but one member complained about the image and Jones was referred to the force’s professional standards department.

Jones, who has served with the police for 23 years, was charged with sending a grossly offensive image contrary to the Communications Act 2003, following an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. He denies the charge.

When I see a meme that offensive, it just makes me want to scream for my mommy.

Seriously though – police are horrible and they deserve this.

Perspectives on police officers have changed over the last year. There is no such thing as a good cop. People who become cops do so, knowing fully well that the position they will soon hold is one that is allowed to violate the rights of others. What we have seen around the world with police officers in the past year, up until January 6th, is exactly that — a bunch of low IQ, feel-strong faggots with a gun and a badge, taking advantage of people they are sworn to protect and serve.

None of these police have done anything but follow orders throughout this entire coronavirus hoax, throughout the riots, all of it.

None of them even post messages on forums, saying “I hate being a part of this, but I’ve got to think of my pension.” not even that, at least!

All of them just go right along with Zio-Communist agenda, without questioning anything.

I don’t agree with the BLM define the police agenda, because that is just niggers wanting and looking for a way to their violent niggering behaviors to go unchecked. Which brings me to another point about cops. We don’t need police to deal with the nigger problem. Had we the ability to portico protections for ourselves and communities via armed private militia as stated in the constitution, the nig noggery would be at an all-time low. These savage apes would think twice!

Instead, what we have is moronic, robotic, retarded cops behaving like gangsters with impunity. Like badge apes.

So, it’s hard to feel bad when a cop arrests another cop for a meme, or because a black guy overdosed on fentanyl while he was being arrested for a felony, or whatever.