Let’s be real about all of this. What happened with this shooting was a white massacre, executed by an Obama-era refugee, fueled by Left-wing media propaganda that has FOR YEARS, painted every white Christian American Patriot as the “devil.” These things are not only a lie, but racism against whites that has gone on for decades and has now bubbled over into open, brazened, bloodshed.

Those happy to perpetuate the narrative, jumped at the chance to claim the Syrian refugee (I think he’s Jewish, of Israeli decent) was in fact a “radicalized white man”, upset with his parking spot that day.

They have effectually minimalized the trials we ALL go through under Democratic policy “reign”, no matter our race.

Meanwhile the government uses this opportunity to seize weapons from law-abiding citizens, while freely opening our borders, releasing criminals without consequence and villainizing those who want to keep their businesses open or go to church.

We need to take our country back. In the name of these men and women and for our families.

We must do what we can to reclaim America, but this means we must come together and stand in solidarity against the tyranny of government. We must not only speak up, but fight back, or be forever at the fickle whim of the pitiful “woke”.

Now, the “refugee” shooter grew up in a home worth almost $1 million dollars and still felt sorry for himself, because somebody called him names in school. 10 white people had to die to assuage his fragile ego.

Most white people I know are poor, work hard and struggling to get by. They do fine, because of their perseverance, discipline and ability to plan ahead.

Bourgeois narcissism and Jewish anti-white grievances are a dangerous combo and it is beginning to manifest itself in its most ugliest ways.

Next psyop will be an Asian killing whites, I believe. I hope to be wrong, but this is just how things are going.

We would expect to see more blacks being shot in self-defense by Asians in the near future, because blacks are the main perpetrators of violent crimes, but if we are right about how the media and the government work, another psyop would be an Asian killing whites “in self defense”.

Just another day in Chimpcago

I hope to be totally wrong about this, but we live in strange times.