The coronavirus death toll is fake. They’re pulling deaths from everywhere.

This is admitted.

If you test positive, and die of anything, you’re a coronavirus death. Also, if you don’t test positive, but have one of the many, many symptoms on the symptoms list, you’re a coronavirus death.

The vaccine deaths are being recorded as coronavirus deaths.

Of course a lot of people are dying because they’re afraid to go to the hospital, and most of these are marked down by the CDC as coronavirus deaths.

Study Finds:

Modern medicine can do amazing things for even the most critically ill patient, but it can’t do a thing if they don’t seek treatment. A new study finds more people are dying from heart and respiratory conditions which don’t usually lead to death. The Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Medicine says the cause is simple — fear. His findings reveal more patients with serious illnesses are avoiding urgently needed care over concerns they’ll contract COVID-19 in hospitals.

Dr. Joseph S. Alpert says although he’s seeing the same mix of non-COVID inpatients entering hospitals — those with heart failure or COPD — these people are much sicker and close to death than in pre-pandemic days.

“At times, one-third of our Internal Medicine patients were receiving consultations from the Palliative Care service and were being considered for inpatient or home hospice,” Dr. Alpert writes in The American Journal of Medicine. “In the past the usual situation involved no patient, or only one individual, being considered for hospice.”

Why are hospital patients sicker during COVID-19?

“The answer was simple,” Alpert, from the University of Arizona School of Medicine, declares. “Patients were avoiding the hospital as much as possible because they feared acquiring a lethal COVID infection on top of their chronic illness. For the same reason, many hospitalized patients refused postdischarge physical therapy or inpatient hospice transfer following acute care.”

Previous studies have noted that fewer patients suffering heart attacks and strokes are entering emergency rooms during the pandemic. Moreover, hospital mortality rates have been higher as well. Scientists believe this is likely the result of delaying urgent care and recommended therapies.

Dr. Alpert notes that patients often claim it’s safer to stay home than go to the hospital during COVID. Others admitted they were afraid hospital staff would be so busy treating coronavirus patients they wouldn’t have time for them.

Hospital staff were indeed pretty busy.