One review of this book reads: “Every Human must read this book. It is truly the owners manual to being Human.”

So, I read it and was absolutely appalled by the supremacy and insanity that is promoted in it. It is littered with Jewish supremacy and disturbing Jewish end times prophecies, all of which are being played out in real life, today. Mind you, this isn’t because of some supernatural interventionism. No, no, no. This is because these sadistic, insane people are playing out and ensuring that their warped prophecies and fantasies come true.

No, dumb ass Christian. This isn’t real and never was and only becomes real when insane people seek to make these things come to fruition. Prophecy isn’t real. No one can predict the future by reading the entrails of a cat or a goat and it isn’t difficult, to say the least, to pick up from and continue a constant narrative.

The book is endorsed by the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, himself.

So, what is Chabad? Well, it is the largest and most renowned and financially powerful Jewish, religious organizations that holds a lot of sway in the world. A lot! It influences and even controls international governments. America, too? Hold onto you knickers there, lads and lasses. Let’s see what Queen Ann Coulter has to say about it, shall we?

I love this woman. Yeah, I do. She’s incredible and she doesn’t mince words. She says it like it is. So, what is she talking about? She’s referring to President Trump’s pardoning of a host of Jewish fraudsters who donated to the Aleph Institute — a Jewish organization that was started by the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement which counts the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a member.

Yes, folks, Trump pardons were all Jewish criminals and fraudsters who were members of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Jonathan Pollard — Jared Kushner’s uncle and Mossad spy agent , who was caught spying on the American citizens and government.

When Pollard (pictured) was arrested for espionage in the 1980s, Tel Aviv swore he was part of a “rogue” operation. Only 12 years later did Israel concede he was their spy the entire time. That insider espionage by a purported ally damaged U.S. national security more than any incident in U.S. history.

During an earlier term as Prime Minister, Netanyahu secured a verbal agreement from Bill Clinton in 1998 to release Pollard. Clinton then faced a rebellion among U.S. intelligence agencies aware of the damage done. Clinton backed down and Netanyahu backed off.

Pollard took more than one million documents for copying by his Israeli handler. When transferred to the Soviets, reportedly in exchange for the emigration of Russian Jews, that stolen intelligence shifted the underlying dynamics of the Cold War.

What has its entangled alliance with Israel cost the U.S.? The U.S. committed $20 trillion to Cold War defense from 1948-1989 (in 2010 dollars). Pollard negated much of that outlay yet even now Israel pretends to be an ally. Few believe it; many realize the U.S. has been played for a fool.

Then there’s Philip Esformes who acquired a $1.6 million Ferrari and a $360,000 Swiss watch and traveled around the United States on a private jet, a spending spree fueled by the spoils from what federal prosecutors called one of the largest Medicare fraud cases in history.

Philip Esformes’ father, Rabbi Morris Esformes, is a huge supporter of Chabad and has his name on multiple buildings:

Alan Dershowitz, who fought to keep Jeffrey Epstein out of prison, helped secure Esformes’ release.

“Alan M. Dershowitz, a longtime supporter of clemency who works with the Aleph Institute on a volunteer basis, said the group “played a significant role” in Mr. Esformes’ clemency effort and “put together the papers” for the petition.

Mr. Trump has largely overridden a highly bureaucratic process overseen by pardon lawyers for the Justice Department and handed considerable control to his closest White House aides, including Mr. Kushner. They, in turn, have outsourced much of the vetting process to political and personal allies, allowing private parties to play an outsize role in influencing the application of one of the most unchecked powers of the presidency.

Among those allies is the Aleph Institute, a well-known force in criminal justice issues which beyond Mr. Esformes’ case has also weighed in on less high-profile clemency requests to Mr. Trump.”

“The White House on Wednesday specifically cited Aleph in announcing Mr. Trump’s commutation of what supporters had contended was a disproportionately severe 20-year sentence given to Daniela Gozes-Wagner, a single mother and midlevel manager in Houston, in a health care fraud and money laundering case.”

[…] Aleph has helped advance at least five of the 24 commutations handed down by Mr. Trump, including the recipient of the president’s very first commutation — issued in 2017 to Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive of a kosher meat processing company who was convicted in 2009 on fraud charges — and three commutations announced on Wednesday.

Sholom Rubashkin is a money laundering fraudster who ran a Kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking operation in Iowa employing hundreds of illegal aliens — including illegal alien children — that resembled a house of horrors.

Trump also pardoned Israeli drug smuggler Ronen Nahmani, in August 2019.

The Aleph Institute was founded nearly four decades ago by Rabbi Lipskar of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Hasidic Jews, at the direction of the movement’s leader, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson […]

“Mr. Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, have their own connections to Chabad-Lubavitch, having chosen a home in Washington within walking distance to a Chabad synagogue where they attend Shabbat services. The weekend before the 2016 election, they visited the grave site of Rabbi Schneerson. The Kushner family foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects and institutions associated with Chabad, according to a tally by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“After Mr. Esformes was indicted, Rabbi Lipskar said he visited Mr. Esformes in prison at least 25 times and “became almost like his personal rabbi.”

Mr. Esformes’s father “ramped up his financial commitment to Aleph,” according to a 2019 court filing by Mr. Esformes’s lawyers. They said the money was donated partly “in appreciation for all that Aleph has done for Mr. Esformes” and was given to the group “generously, if not exclusively selflessly.”

Trump also pardoned Jared Kushner’s criminal father, who is major Chabad donor:

[Jared Kushner’s] father, Charles Kushner, served 14 months in a federal prison in Alabama for tax evasion, witness tampering and making illegal donations. The elder Kushner was among those pardoned on Wednesday by Mr. Trump.

Two others he pardoned also had the backing of the Aleph Institute:

Two of the people whose sentences were commuted by Mr. Trump on Wednesday, Mark A. Shapiro and Irving Stitsky, were each sentenced to 85 years in prison for their roles in a $23 million real estate scheme after they turned down plea agreements of less than 10 years each.

“Mark Shapiro is a career con-man who stole millions of dollars from hundreds of investors by selling worthless interests in a bogus investment offering,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said after Shapiro and Stitsky were sentenced in 2010.

U.S. District Judge Kimba Maureen Wood said their scam, which included selling ownership interests in properties they didn’t own, “resulted in devastating injury to hundreds of victims.”

“For many, it wiped out their life savings at the end of their lives when they no longer had the ability to earn substantial amounts of money,” Wood said.

The White House’s statement specifically says the two’s clemency “is supported by the Aleph Institute.”

Perhaps Julian Assange and Edward Snowden should send some of their bitcoins over to the Aleph Institute if they want a pardon!

So yeah, that’s what Ann Coulter’s tweet was referring to — the Jewish influence… well, it’s way more than just influence, clearly; Jewish control of our former president Donald Trump. Now, this book is highly endorsed by these people, who have been likened to an “international mafia”.

Fusing the 18th century with the 20th, he presided over a religious empire that reached from the back streets of Brooklyn to the main streets of Israel and by 1990 was taking in an estimated $100 million a year in contributions. His “mitzvah tanks” — converted campers that are rolling recruiting stations whose purpose is to draw Jews to the Lubavitch way — roamed streets from midtown Manhattan to Crown Heights. And the Lubavitchers’ Brooklyn-based publishing house claimed to be the world’s largest distributor of Jewish books.

Gee-whiz! Imagine how much money that is by today’s standards.

What exactly are the books they are publishing about? Well, my dear fellow goy; Chabad Philosophy, of course! All based on classical Judaic teachings and Jewish mysticism. Classical Judaic writings and Jewish mysticism, especially the Zohar and the Kabbalah of Rabbi Isaac Luria.

Guess what?! Modern Astro-physics is based on these teachings and philosophies.

Wake up, you dumb goy! Even Issac Newton and Albert Einstein were followers of the Kaballah and Zohar Jewish mysticism.

The image on the left is a page from a Latin translation of The Zohar, ascribed to Isaac Newton.

In the book, The Religion of Isaac Newton, Frank E. Manuel wrote that “Isaac Newton was convinced that Moses possessed the knowledge of all scientific secrets.” Dr. Seth Pancoast wrote that “Isaac Newton was led to the discovery of physical laws (forces of gravitation and repulsion) through the study of Kabbalah.” A Latin translation of The Book of Zohar (Kabbalah Denudata), was found in Newton’s library, and is currently kept at the Trinity College in Cambridge. Isaac Newton based his scientific research on philosophical principles.

I’ll never stop saying it; our minds have been Jew’d!

Yes, this is where we are folks. Even the laws of the land that we observe and preside over our actions and behaviors are said to be based on the Talmud. Ask Bibi.

The Chabadists are mainly about speedily hastening up the coming of the Messiah; their messiah, and dumb ass Chrisitan Zionists are helping them do it.

(No, dumb Christian. They don’t recognize your messiah, Jesus Cristos. They hate your messiah and hate you for worshipping him and claim that he is boiling in a cauldron of excrement in hell. These people are not your friends.)

(Yeah, your messiah is boiling in hot shit, is what they say).

Nice friends you idiot Christians have!

Yes, dumb Christians. They’re not talking about your zombie, space daddy messiah, born of a virgin. *face palm*

Now pay attention!

They are teaching their kids that the most important thing is their patience; waiting for their moshiach to come, so he can rule the wield and fulfill their prophecies.

They suspected that Jared Kushner was the moshiach.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know dumb ass Christians claim everyone is the Antichrist, especially any new president or leader to take office. Christians are retarded (gloves off). However, the Jews are just as retarded, but they are clever enough to have so much influence and control to ensure their prophecies roll out the way they want them to.

There is no messiah, moshiach or Antichrist. Heck, there is no Christ. All these belief systems are MYTH!

This is what makes these people especially sick in the heads. Both Jews and Zionist Christians.

Even Jewish twerp Ben Shapiro believes in this nonsense.

Now, Michael Shermer, whose books I have enjoyed reading over the years, is also Jewish, but an Atheist and rationalist; he recognizes the insanity in all of this hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo and what he has coined “woo woo” from both Judaism and Christianity.

Ben Shapiro is supposed to be the Jewish rationalist on the Right (Neo-Conservative, pro Israel and Zionist rat) who believes in the messiah who will be a political figure.

Guess what?! Trump, believes it, Biden believes it and majority of politicians do, too. Even if they don’t, just claiming to be a Zionist is admission of the superstition. Claiming to “support Israel” is admitting to believing in their bullshit, even if inadvertently. You heard what Benny Shapiro said! And that little annoying twerp is well versed in the Torah and Talmud and I do suspect the Kaballah (sometimes spelled Caballah, Kabbalah).

And how convenient? Anybody could be the Jewish messiah, although he must be Jewish.

Now, these politicians are bought and paid for by these Chabad Lubavitchers, who are going to be using the January 6 Capitol Storm and the Boulder, Colorado Shooting as pretexts to pass their anti-Senitism, censorship and gun control laws.

If you’re still wondering what the heck is the big deal about these people, well, they’re extremely influential with governments around the world — extreme control — especially with Trump. Biden is no different.

Quite frankly, EVERY president is no different, even though some were very vocal and outspoken about the Jewish influence and control in America, though. Politicians like Ford, who they tried to murder by running him off the road during his campaign for presidency, Winston Churchill, Charles Lindburgh who they also tried to murder and Nixon, to name a few.

(From the first time they set foot on this continent, Jews have been plotting to overthrow America, to put an end to White America. Charles Lindbergh was trying to save America from the clutches of International Jewry. On September 11, 1941 Lindbergh gave a justly famous speech in which he stated that only three groups wanted America to enter World War Two: the British government, the Roosevelt Administration, and Jews. We now know that the first two were owned by the last).

This will be the start of my coverage on the Jewish domination and control of America and pretty much ALL governments in the planet, with a Israel at the helm.

I will continue to explain their main plans and how everything we see going on that in society and in politics and in the media is controlled by them to serve their plans for fulfillment of their prophecies.

I hope you guys find this edifying and informative.

Eyes open goyim!