There is evidence that there is a long term agenda to sterilize the population and then use cloning technology to reproduce people in vats. This would, in theory, allow someone to reproduce their own body, and then transfer their memories onto the new body.

It would also allow for large-scale genetic-engineering of the populace, and give control over who is allowed to reproduce. Allowing you to clone yourself and raise yourself as your own child could be considered a reward for good behavior.

These are the kinds of discussions the ruling elite is currently having amongst themselves.

Jenny Kleeman is a beautiful Jewish woman who works on the totally intellectual and cool British TV station Channel 4.

She also works for the BBC – specifically on the show Panorama, which non-Brits think of as the epitomization if not outright apotheosis of “state programming.”

She writes for The Guardian:

A team of Israeli scientists announced the mother of all inventions last week. Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science revealed in the journal Nature that they had successfully gestated hundreds of mice inside an artificial womb. They placed newly fertilised eggs inside glass vials rotating in a ventilated incubator, and grew the embryos for 11 days – the mid-point of a mouse pregnancy – outside their mothers’ bodies. The embryos developed normally; their hearts, visible through the glass vials, pounded steadily at 170 beats per minute.

That is amazing.

What is also amazing is that Kleeman pivoted directly from that to sexist workplace gender discrimination.

The mice were no bigger than sunflower seeds, but what they represent is enormous: the breakthrough brings us one step closer to reproduction without pregnancy. The division of labour in gestation is the most intractable imbalance between the sexes. Men only have to contribute a single cell to make a baby, whereas women carry their children for nine months and give birth, sometimes risking their bodies and often risking their careers, in a world of work built largely by men. An artificial womb would mean complete reproductive parity between the sexes: all anyone needs to do is throw in their gametes and the rest is taken care of. But this equality could come at great cost to women. This is radically disruptive technology, and with every new development we are sleepwalking into a world of tough ethical choices.

To up the ante on inanity, she then starts talking about the potential effect of artificial wombs on… abortion rights?

But artificial wombs could also undermine the basis of women’s reproductive rights and freedoms. In England, Scotland and Wales, the abortion limit is pegged to the viability of foetuses outside the human body; it’s currently set at 24 weeks’ gestation because foetuses at an earlier stage of development aren’t expected to be able to survive outside the womb. What if all foetuses, and even embryos, are potentially viable because they could be gestated inside an artificial womb? Any unborn child could be considered to have a right to life.

In countries where abortion is legal, access to it derives from a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. But if unwanted babies could be “rescued” by technology – gestated inside an artificial womb and then given up for adoption – then abortion could be simultaneously pro-choice and “pro-life”. Why should a mother be able to decide to terminate an unwanted baby if an artificial womb can save its life?

This is the epitome of inane.

Abortion activists have already legalized third trimester abortion, up until labor. Through the entire third trimester, a baby can survive outside of the woman’s body in an incubator. Babies that are born “premature” up to three months very often live to become adults.

Sometimes they’re just itty-bitty teeny-tiny little things, but an article published in Nature earlier this month says that more and more often, babies born at 23-24 months are surviving.

Just take a moment to imagine that women see that image and think either “kill it” or “I should have a right to kill it if I choose.” Just try to for a second process claiming a right to kill that little guy.

They truly do have absolute evil in them, do they not? Comparing them to children is really an insult to children. Modern women are actually teratoid demons made flesh. They care about nothing, but themselves.

Also remember that every single man who defends these stinky goo-holes is defending their “right” to kill this little bitty Mr. Guy.

They have a “right” to cut his little bitty spine with scissors, then send his dismembered corpse to Pfizer to make vaccines out of – vaccines that they will then inject in a kind of satanic cannibal ritual. The CEO of Pfizer survived an attempted genocide by Adolf Hitler so he could whisper to your girlfriend that she should kill your son so he can chop him up and inject you with his mutated cells.

Hitler was trying to kill Jews for literally no reason whatsoever, is the popular claim. He just hated Jews mindlessly, without any explanation whatsoever – at all.

I digress.

What the Jewess Kleeman is doing with this Guardian essay is framing the topic of artificial wombs inside of very specific parameters of discussion. In closing the argument, she just outright explains that’s what she’s doing.

The obstacles to growing humans outside the human body will be ethical and legal, not technological. We need to be discussing artificial wombs now, and the precautious, contingent basis of women’s reproductive rights, before this technology arrives in our hospitals and fertility clinics.

This framing about women’s rights removes the discussion of how this could be used to abuse people. As mentioned above, there is not going to be any reason that the elite couldn’t simply sterilize the entire population and then make access to artificial wombs a privilege.

What’s more, as regards “women’s rights” – if men can reproduce without women, then what exactly is the purpose of women?

I’ve often pondered about this over the years and in light of Men’s Rights, the artificial womb is the Holy Grail for men who want to have children and not have to deal with vile cunts who can destroy them through family court battles and destroy the child’s life.

But, to answer the question: quite frankly as it stands, women have absolutely nothing to offer, once sex is taken out of the equation and the artificial womb will certainly reveal that.

Regarding the sexual act – Kleeman has apparently written about the obvious solution to this, because it is in the title of her book.

I am not familiar with the book, entitled “Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex & Death.” But according to a review of the book written by fellow feminist and fellow Guardian columnist Fiona Sturges, Kleeman gives the standard feminist take on sex robots – that they are a way for men to steal power from women by cutting them out of the process.

My question is: at this juncture, why wouldn’t men opt for a much more peaceful option than dealing with women? At least with a robot, you’ll get honesty, there’s no guile or deceit.

Sturges talks about a need to control the sex robots industry in order to prevent men from controlling their own sex lives. Talk about a mad, desperate dash towards salvaging the only real power and purpose women have.

The sex doll industry seeks to sate the desires of men who cannot relate to, or actively loathe, women. A few therapy sessions would be a lot cheaper than a self-lubricating sex robot, but that would require McMullen’s customers to address their hang-ups, and where’s the fun in that?

It’s important to know that, of the innovations discussed here, no functional versions currently exist. So is Kleeman worrying us over nothing? Not entirely, since it seems likely they will go on the market one day, even if there’s no guarantee they will be desirable, let alone affordable. Reading her book, you are left dismayed not so much by what lies ahead as by the current reality of the men with planet-sized egos vying with one another to control birth, food, sex and death. It’s a habit that’s as old as the hills.

(The review reads like it was written by a child, by the way – I feel that should be noted.)

If you add up sex robots and artificial wombs, you obviously create a situation where women are literally totally obsolete. Basically, what was done to women’s sports by transsexuals ends up being done to the entire role of women in society.

If we consider this, we might consider that the inane framing of the conversation about artificial wombs as a women’s rights issue is something likely targeted at women. Women are the ones losing here, if we are to simply take everything at face value and I like that outlook.

I’ve witnessed the aggressive way that women have reacted to the sex robots issue. They all immediately become outraged by the suggestion, because ultimately a woman understands that every ounce of her power in society is derived from her vagina, and her ability to leverage that. This is the same reason that women compulsively hunt down prostitutes, to the point of pouring over Craigslist ads to find hidden codes for prostitution. This is also why women so heavily shame men who take vacations in locations where prostitution is still legal. Feminists accuse men who go to Thailand of being pedophiles, despite the fact that there is a lot more pedophilia in London or New York than there ever has been in Asia.

Women have gone so far as to claim that sex with a sex robot should be considered rape because a robot doesn’t have the ability to “consent,” and consent is the absolute basis for any legal form of sexual activity. They have called for a blanket ban on sex robots before they even exist.

(Note: I just want to briefly defend the gooks from this worst conceivable slander from white women. Anyone can look up Gary Glitter – he was charged with sex crimes in Britain, and wasn’t arrested. Then he went to Asia and was deported from Cambodia and Thailand, and in Vietnam, they threatened to put him in front of a firing squad, then ended up imprisoning him for three years and deporting him. The Philippines announced that he was denied entry to the country, even though there’s no evidence he’d even been there. Back in the UK, he faced no penalties, again, and still lives there, presumably still engaging in sex crimes. The claim that Southeast Asia is some pedophile haven is not only a lie, but the reverse of the truth, and this lie is spread simply because white women want to shame men who try to take any control at all of their sex lives. Women do not care if you are a man they would never consider having sex with in the first place – they want to deny sex to you on principle, because it isn’t the sex itself that gives them power, it is the widespread restriction of access to sex. Restricting access to only approved men means that women are able to define “acceptable male behavior”. You are now looking at the results of that in the modern male. The “soyboy” is the “man women built.”)

The development of sex robots would be an existential crisis for women, and normalizing artificial wombs would be an extinction level event. The message from this Jew woman Kleeman is that women need not worry, they’re going to maintain control of the artificial wombs industry and somehow tie it back to the “pay gap” and “reproductive rights.”

However, the truth is that women aren’t going to be in charge of sex – but neither are men. What we are seeing rolled out right now is an entirely new order of society. What they are actually doing is pushing humans towards asexuality. This whole agenda to confuse the genders is about removing gender entirely. The Androgyne agenda found in the Kaballah.

They are already mutilating people’s genitals on a mass scale. They are also injecting people with hormones, and normalizing the injection of artificial hormones.

What they are going to do in the longer run is inject people with hormones that remove the sexual urge entirely. They will inject all children with some form of “puberty blocker,” which will prevent their sexuality from developing. They will sell this as something along the lines of “the child isn’t ready to choose its gender, so we need to keep them in a genderless state.” Then, clones will be born totally sexless, with just some ambiguous hole between their legs to expel urine.

Of course, it won’t be much longer that they will even need to present an explanation for any of this. Every concept of democracy is being removed, as we speak, under the guise of this virus hoax. The future is already here. We are living in it.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci will not live forever as cyborgs. This hell they are planning will never be fully realized.

That said, we are going to see them attempt to implement it, and things are going to get a lot worse than they are now, that is for certain, but I believe that this will end, that this Virus Regime will be toppled, that the order of nature will be restored, and there will be 1,000 years of peace.

We’re not all going to make it to the other side, but some of us will.