Here’s a video compilation of violent ape attacks. Most think that these savage proto humans are innocent victims that are put upon by whites and wider society; that they are disliked for the color of their skin.

Can you imagine that the mainstream media has convinced us over the decades, that these wild hunter gatherers are hated for the color of their skin? Not their behaviors and violent nature, but their skin color!

On a normal day, the notion is laughable, because of its absurdity, but now their savagery has hit critical mass and EVERY other race hates being around them and justifiably so.

We need only look at authors like Colin Flaherty — author of White Girl Bleed A Lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry — to get a sense of the realty of African violence and savagery in the United States and just about anywhere they happen to live, around the world. What’s worse is, the media either doesn’t cover this reality or do its best to paint them in a different light.

Seriously, stay away from these animals. You never know when they are likely to attack and yes, they do attack for absolutely no reason.

Teach your children about them and yes, teach them to avoid contact with these hunter gatherer savages. Let them know that even the “nice” one that they sit next to in class, who they think is so “different” is actually pretending, just as they do whenever they are in a position where they are required to extend and mete out customer service. It is all an act, until they punch out, then the true animal savage nature comes out.