The fact of reality is that Derek Chauvin is portrayed as a white supremacist who just killed a random black guy, but that is just a total fantasy.

There is zero proof that the cops are racist in general, and a lot of proof that they are anti-racist. They really just do whatever they’re told to do. We watched them stand by and let blacks burn down cities last summer. We also saw many of them actually kneel down and worship the blacks.

I get that one or two of them came out and said they were ordered to do this, but all across the country, cops were worshiping blacks as some kind of god-race, and there is no evidence they were mostly ordered to do this.

If they were ordered to do it, and then did it, that is even worse, as it just shows that they will do whatever they were told to do.

Obviously, this trial is completely insane, and I don’t agree with charging this guy with murder, but after the BLM riots, and the coronavirus lockdown, I have no sympathy for the police.

I’m sure there are some that are okay, but there are some of any group that are okay. On the whole, the police are a terroristic menace to society. We’ve seen them doing more than worshiping blacks – we’ve seen them beat up women for not wearing masks.

And race doesn’t matter to them.

Black cop arresting white for no mask:

White cops arresting black for no mask:

They also don’t seem to have any desire to stick up for their own. I would have thought that police would go on strike when they were being defamed as racist murderers – but they didn’t. There was no movement of active cops to defend Derek Chauvin.

I am actually disgusted by the Blue Lives Matter stuff at this point. It’s fine to say that you believe a society needs cops and you don’t agree with the movement against the cops by these blacks, but defending the current organization of the cops, as it stands, makes zero sense.

This current police order views all of us as the enemy. They’re not racist, because to them, we’re all the same – a bunch of niggers, who they have a right to abuse and dehumanize in any way they are told to abuse and dehumanize us.

We need to get rid of this entire “Blue Lives Matter” sentiment. Apparently, this was an appeal to the cops to side with the people against the left – well, that has obviously failed. Yes, I’m sure some of the cops are sympathetic to the right, again, I know they’re not all bad people – but we’re not talking about individuals here, we’re talking about a group, and as a group, these people are collectively servants of a regime that hates all of us.

Doing rallies supporting them isn’t making them stop enforcing the virus regime, it isn’t making them stop closing down our businesses and beating us up for not wearing masks.

I understand that right-wingers have an instinct to support authority, but the current governmental authority is illegitimate, and is literally trying to destroy the country, and actually kill all of us. The cops are representing that authority.

Honestly, at this point, it would be better if they did just completely abolish the cops, and let us defend ourselves with our Second Amendment rights. Conversely, they could get rid of the state police, and just let the sheriff enforce the law.

[Essentially, as a collective, there is no such thing as a “good cop”. Cops are mediums of force and coercion designated by the state which as a monopoly on force and violence. The mere fact of cops having the power to circumvent — they don’t need to uphold — the constitution, is case in point that there aren’t any good cops. Their main objectives are to serve the state. Once again, the state has a monopoly on violence and cops are weapons of the state. Weapons against the citizenry. We must never fall for the copaganda. In a huge, fundamental and Constitutional way, cops are not necessary. Private security and private militia, are. That’s the way to go. Were this to be commonplace, black criminals [any criminal] would think twice about committing crimes. Cops back, support and protect those who are destroying our lives — criminal politicians — the state — people who control the ebb and flow of crime in any society. Yes, crime is allowed to spitefully get out of hand to justify and legitimize the need for cops and the presence of a militarized police force and state violence. We cannot afford to have short memories, because when it came to BLM (Burn Loot Murder), cops did NOTHING to stop the riots, violence and vandalism. They were told by the authorities — the state — to stand down and they did. This is what occurs, all the time, in any major city or high crime community. They decide when they’re going to be tough on crime and when to lapse.]

We are looking at the cops continuing to enforce this endless virus regime, while refusing to stop black crime. In the near future, blacks are going to start killing whites, and the cops will not do anything to stop it, but if the Biden people order them to come get your guns – well, they’re going to come get your guns.

The bottom line here is: I’m not covering the Derek Chauvin trial. I don’t really care enough to sit and watch all this, and I don’t have time for it. I’ll report the verdict, I’ll give basic updates, but I’m not doing daily coverage of this.

I will be doing extreme coverage of the Matt Gaetz situation, however, on top of my coverages of the coronavirus hoax, the China war, and everything else I cover every day.

If you want to follow the Chauvin trial, there are plenty of in-depth threads.

Furthermore, Ethan Ralph is really into it, and is doing a good job putting up all the interesting clips. You can find that on BitChute. He also broadcasts live every weeknight at 9:30 on Trovo. I’ve been following Ralph’s coverage, but I haven’t been watching the actual trial myself, and I’m not going to go through and find the clips.

If you want to watch the full trial coverage, there are many, many streams on YouTube showing the whole trial.

The mainstream media coverage of this is actually completely insane.

This is while only 28% of white people – AKA unmarried white women – still believe that George Floyd was “murdered.”

I guess they’re trying to use this trial to swing back public opinion in support of BLM?

Weird stuff.

Anyway, the best part we’ve already seen – the bodycam videos.

“I don’t know how to spell ‘George’ man.”

They did play the full bodycam video on Wednesday, with all the “mommy mommy ouchie ouchie” stuff. They had said they weren’t going to allow that, but apparently something changed.

It is so insane we have colonies of these pre-Stone Age people living in our country, at our expense, we pay for the animal control, and that white women go out there and cry about them and say we need to do more for them, because actually, they’re better than whites and other good people of other races, somehow.

Everbody Wins Either Way, Basically

If Chauvin wins the trial, the blacks will definitely riot, which will not be popular at all in the second round.

If Chauvin loses the trial, then he should be considered a martyr – because he is a white man being dragged through this brutal miscarriage of justice because he is white.

I do not have a prediction. It’s clear the odds are stacked against Chauvin, but the idea of convicting a man of murder because he used standard operating procedure during an arrest and a felon he was arresting died of a drug overdose is really nuts.

The judge seems to be acting largely fair, from what I’ve seen.

So, who the hell knows?

I don’t know.

I don’t care.