There was allegedly a “mass shooting” in Orange County on Wednesday night. Frankly, it seems to be a case of workplace violence, and the suspect is probably diverse.

The stories being printed about it talk more about the Asian parlor massacre than they do the current shooting.

LA Times:

Four people, including a child, were killed Wednesday evening and a fifth person was injured in a mass shooting at an Orange office complex.

It marks the third mass shooting in the United States in two weeks, coming after incidents at three Atlanta spas that killed eight people, including six Asian women, and at a Boulder, Colo., supermarket that killed 10.

Gotta remember the race!

Few details were immediately available about the victims or a potential motive for the shooting.

Lt. Jennifer Amat, a spokeswoman for the Orange Police Department, said officers received a call about 5:30 p.m. of shots fired and responded to a business at 202 W. Lincoln Ave. in Orange. The beige, two-story office complex at the address contains a number of small businesses.

The complex is home to about a dozen businesses, including an insurance office, a marriage therapist, a speech and language pathologist, a phone repair shop and several property management companies.

Amat declined to identify the specific business where the gunman first opened fire, but she said the incident began inside one of the complex’s suites before moving to a courtyard area. Investigators will spend the coming days trying to determine the exact sequence of events, she said.

Uvaldo Madrigal was in his office at Lincoln Body and Paint, his auto shop that sits next to the shooting site, when he heard popping sounds.

“Uvaldo Madrigal.” I hate foreigners as much as anyone, but that is an awesome name. Clearly some kind of Mexican name.

This is some kind of “workplace violence,” most likely. The headline is “mass shooting,” because that’s more sensational, but that term is usually only used when you shoot random strangers – or a school, where you might know some of the people, though that is usually called a “school shooting” – and try to get as many as possible. It’s different when you get mad at the people you work with and decide to go in and shoot the place up. Among other things, the former usually involves a rifle, while the latter is typically done with a handgun. This shooting looks like it was done with a handgun.

Given that there is a marriage therapist there, it’s also possible it was some kind of divorce related thing. The current news is that a child was among the dead, so that fits.

So far, it looks like a real shooting, as opposed to some kind of manufactured event. As the reader is aware, I am more or less convinced that the Asian massage parlor Massacre was a manufactured event in some way, probably the result of the shooter being hypnotized by his therapist. I don’t know that for sure, and it is the definition of a “conspiracy theory,” but it just seems incredibly unlikely to me that the first ever mass shooting involving mostly Asians would happen in the middle of a campaign to drum up a narrative about “anti-Asian hate.”

The anti-Asian hate thing is being used as an anti-white hate attack, and it is also a narrative that the media needs as they push for war against the Chinese. They need to be able to say “this isn’t about race – look at all this material we put out about how much we love Asians and how we’re protecting them from white racists.”


That shooting was followed by an Islamic terrorist attack, which definitely was not some kind of spook job. That was just a haji who lost his marbles, is the main narrative. I usually don’t like mixing “terrorism” with “mental illness,” but he did seem to be mentally ill, and not particularly religious. Whatever his motivations, it was just more violence against whites by browns, and didn’t fit the narrative.

For a year, I’ve been predicting that people are going to start losing it on a mass scale because of these lockdowns, and all the crazy stuff that has come along with the lockdowns, and it largely hasn’t happened yet. People are definitely experiencing significantly higher amounts of mental health problems, but thus far, we haven’t seen huge numbers of people just going totally berserk. However, it could also be that people are going berserk on a smaller scale, and it just isn’t making the national news. I know that everyone I talk to is seeing people start to act nuts in their personal lives.

My guess – which isn’t worth much – is that this Orange County incident isn’t really much of anything, just someone who got mad about something and popped off on people he knew. Again, that isn’t a “mass shooting.”

The other notable thing is this: they just don’t even talk about black “mass shootings.” Black mass shootings are a separate category, but it is crazy the way they happen all the time, and they don’t make it past local news. Granted, they’re usually low death counts – you read stuff like “58 shot, 2 dead.” That’s because they’re using handguns, usually held sideways, and not aiming.

This country is a tinderbox. It’s just gonna keep getting worse.