Who needs Jews when you have women like this running around?

Sweden is unique in that they don’t really have very many Jews, but they do the Jewish agenda harder than places like France, who are overwhelmed with Jews.

That’s because women (white women) are the original Jews. What this simply means is that the Jewish agenda is Feminine in every single aspect of its construct. This is what’s going on worldwide, particularly in Sweden.

It’s all white women pushing it. White women are effectually the cause of their own demise — the destruction of their entire race. This is why the angst and vitriol against Jews that is meted out by White Nationalists and other White survival advocacy groups (even though accurate and justified) is still a little bit misdirected and misguided. These guys — White TradCons and mangina white knights — refuse to look at the real problem as to why they are facing destruction and extinction — White Women!

Now, in Sweden, white women have devised a plan against white women.


Swedish Green Party spokeswoman Märta Stenevi has claimed that in order for foreign minority women to get power in Sweden, native-born white Swedish women must move aside.

Stenevi made her statements during a podcast interview after being asked about the differences between the voting patterns of male and female voters in the country.

According to Stenevi, there is an “alarming trend” of Swedish men becoming more conservative and that they think Sweden is already “equal” enough as it is today, Aftonbladet reports.

When asked why so many women vote for the Greens compared to men, Stenevi stated that power may be a factor and stated that those with “privileges” may feel threatened over a new division of power.

Going even further, she stated that not only must Swedish men give up on power, but native-born Swedish white women must do so as well: “If foreign-born women are to gain power, white, domestically born women will have to move.”

Similar comments have been made in the past by members of the Swedish Green Party, such as in 2018 when local Green Party members in the town of Eslöv suggested that native Swedes who had a problem with multiculturalism should just leave.

“There is another party that wants to persuade immigrants to relocate,” Lars Ahlfors, chairman of the local Greens, said, referring to the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats, and added: “We think that if you do not enjoy multiculturalism, there should be an opportunity to give a helping hand to move.”

The Greens in Eslöv later apologised for the statements made by Ahlfors, claiming later that they were satire.

How is it satire when it’s their official stated position?

They are saying “white women should resign from positions of power, so Arabian and Somalian women can take over.”

If you think that this sort of agenda is going to make white women stop supporting the anti-white agenda, then you still don’t really understand what is going on. Women in general are a serious problem to every single society and as it stands white women are the main cause behind white destruction.

White women will only stop supporting this agenda when it gets right up in their faces, and starts destroying their own personal lives, and even then, they won’t say “oh please white men, help us.” The only situation where they will do that is when Moslems start slaughtering them, but Moslems probably won’t slaughter them, and will instead sexually enslave them, which is something that we’ve noticed white women are comfortable with. White men, too, have coopted and are complicit in their own destruction. Those same retarded WigNats, NazBols, TradCons and White knight types fail to acknowledge the problem white women are in all of this, therefore these women go unpunished for the destruction they cause.

White women are more responsible than Jews for what has happened in our countries, and that fact is nowhere more obvious than in Sweden, where the number of Jews is very limited.

Women have always been the bane of society. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because the opposite isn’t true. Just like Jews and even more so, the Feminine is inveterate to women, obviously she is the source of all chaos in the world.

Remember, all that we are as humans — all of our cultures, customs, institutions, ideologies and philosophies — stem from either male or female. This is essentially the crux of all human existence and is inescapable. One is Chaos and the other is Order.

Jared Taylor doesn’t talk about the problem that white women are. He doesn’t even mention Jews, either, so I’m not really surprised, even though it is quite dissapointing. To be fair, he did mention Jews in an interview he did with a Israeli Jew.

David Duke, too doesn’t mention nor acknowledge women to be a serious problem.

Brandon Martinez does, but the morons who follow him (Brandon is no moron nor is he like his followers), are totally dumb and can’t see the realities of white women being their biggest and main problem.

Red Ice? Oh, please! A snowball has more of a chance in a convection oven than them acknowledging white women being the problem.

Adam Green. I give him a pass, because his work is unparalleled, but he still doesn’t mention the role of women in the destruction of the world.

Styxhexenhammer666? Just look at the guy. He has no clue about the opposite sex. It is only men with access to women in the general dating sense, who will possess this knowledge of women. Styx just isn’t one of those guys. He the kind who will be grateful that any woman looks his way.

There are those worth mentioning, like Steven Crowder and a few others.

You know who gets it? Jesse Lee Peterson and Jordan Peterson!

The white women problem really is a problem with no clear solution, even though I’ve provided a viable solution many times before. However, in order to stop women from behaving this way, you would have to remove their “power” from them — the cultural influences of The Feminine value system — and there is no legal route to remove this power from women, as it has been institutionalized.

Swedish men are too cucked to say: “women need to stay home and make babies.”

I get a bunch of crap from Swedish nationalist groups, men, women and just about everyone who is unable to see the reality about women.

Hopefully, those nationalists are beginning to see what the issue here is.

I was telling them and still do, particularly men: “look around, m8 – you don’t even have any Jews in your country, but you sure as hell do have a Jewish agenda. Do the bloody math, m8. Look at who is running these mass immigration groups, lads. I’m not the bad guy here, I’m just recounting an observation.”

Look at the Löfven I Cabinet – it’s not run by Jews!

It’s all white women!

Figure it out, Sweden!

Quit shit-talking the me and the Specular Effect!

I warned you! I warned you ALL!

An uncontrolled woman has the exact same agenda as a Jew – to destroy traditional society!

Figure it out!