White men are not doing anything to put their cunts in their places. Yet, they have the gall to bitch and complain about their current demise.

Loudoun County, Virginia is a suburb of Washington, DC and is the single richest county in America. A group of parents there was recently caught making a list of other parents who had voiced opposition to “equity” and “critical race theory” indoctrination in schools, and then terrorizing them.

It’s quite a thing that the very rich, who are also mostly white, are at the forefront of a terroristic agenda to punish people for ostensibly violating a new moral order based on anti-racism. The anti-racist agenda obviously largely affects poor people, who are the ones forced to live with the new races these people are bringing into the country, and to try to manage the unmanageable dynamics of multiculturalism.

These women effectively built a Hydra-style underground terror organization to hunt down and menace anyone who violated these freshly-minted ethics.

This is racketeering and it’s definitely illegal on the whole, while also containing many specific acts that are illegal.

This is literally “gang stalking.”

Women are so used to not ever being punished for anything that they now seem to think they can engage in wanton criminal conspiracies without consequences. Apparently they’re right, because there is no criminal investigation of this organized harassment campaign.


A private parents education-reform group in Loudoun County, Virginia, says they’re being targeted for their opposition to racial equity education in schools.

The group, Loudoun Parents for Education, says parents, teachers and “six-out-of-nine” Loudoun County school board members are part of a closed Facebook group titled “anti-racist parents of Loudoun County,” which is doing the targeting. The group reportedly has over 600 members.

There was a solicitation by one of the members of this group to target people that had opposed the school’s commitment to critical race theory concepts,” said Ian Prior, spokesperson for Loudoun Parents for Education.

Critical Race Theory was a term coined by legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw. It is described as teaching “equity” and examining systemic racism in school education. The curriculum addition comes after the rise of social justice and civil rights movements over the summer.

“I am on a list — not Santa’s list — but a list of enemies created by a group led by the marching orders of one of your colleagues,” Loudoun County parent Austin Levine said at a March 23 school board meeting. “This list included names, places of work, where they lived and their perceived wrongs.”

The board member was Beth Barts, Levine said.

“All of this precipitated from a call of action from Beth Barts,” Levine testified. “Unintended actions, those are forgivable, but intended consequences are not — so when they happen there should be severe punishment.

“The lists, the crimes, the docs were all your intentions. The ‘thank you’ post on the Facebook group provides undeniable evidence that the outcome met your approval,” he said. “I should not have to live in fear because my opinions differ from elected officials.”

Congratulations to this Jew for somehow managing to not compare something to the Holocaust.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jew talk about some wrongdoing against them without comparing it to the Holocaust, and it is really heartening to see.

Levine deserves a yellow star for this effort. I mean a gold star.

(For the record, I’ve never argued that it is impossible for a Jew to ever be on the right side of anything, I’ve just argued that I’ve never seen it, and every time I thought I saw it, it turned out there was some scheme involved. Most likely, Austin Levine was alerted of this list-making and terrorism scheme, and then stepped up to lead the opposition to it, because Jews will take any opportunity to lead any group doing anything.)

Parent Erin Dunbar accused any other involved board members of being complicit to the targeting of parents.

“Those of you who saw personal information about families in this county being posted and did nothing, shame on you,” Dunbar said emotionally. “Because after all Ms. Barts, silence is complicity, right?”

Prior said that the actions by the Facebook group constitute a violation of the First Amendment and other laws, as members of the school board are involved.

“We believe in free speech, in the marketplace of ideas,” he said.

Prior said Loudoun Parents for Education plans to run a campaign to recall the school board members allegedly involved in the Facebook group, and the group plans to have a new election for those seats.

Prior appeared on Tucker Carlson to talk about the list.

He said he was on the list twice. He says these women were trying to hack people’s websites, and to spread rumors that they were racists.

Hacking websites is actually a pretty serious crime, and conspiring to do it is always illegal and simply putting together lists of people and conspiring to harass them in order to change their behavior somehow is also totally illegal.

Of course, no one will get punished.

This is probably happening across the country, especially in rich areas.

These women are called “Affluent White Female Liberals” (AWFLs), and their agenda is both radical and belligerent.