The official narrative proposes a ridiculous game of whack-a-coronavirus-strain that won’t ever end as long as people play it.

Coronavirus is not a threat. It is a hoax designed to get people to comply with a rapid transformation of society.

We should start asking people if they’re willing to take a new vaccine every time the government says there’s a new strain.

“Do you want infinite coronavirus vaccines?”

The claims that the virus mutates and that there are new strains prove that vaccines don’t end lockdowns and that taking one vaccine is futile. People who go along with the official narrative are heading towards a valley of endless needles, where they won’t ever stop being poked and genetically engineered at every step they take.

Even if 100% of the world population got injected with this first batch of coronavirus “vaccines,” the rulers will keep claiming that new strains appeared and that everyone has to go into lockdown again to wait for the adjustment of existing vaccines or the development of new ones.

Going along with this sick situation perpetuates it. It gives it legitimacy, and enables a kind of sunk cost fallacy effect in people’s head, prompting them to keep going along with it. They got one vaccine, so they did their part, and might as well keep getting the new ones every time a new coronavirus strain is alleged to have magically popped out of nowhere.

Easing people into the Virus Regime is a critical piece of the puzzle enabling the sunk cost fallacy effect. If they told everyone back in March 2020 that the lockdown and social distancing were going to last for more than a year, people would have rioted. Instead, they went with “a few weeks to flatten the curve.”

They’re doing the same thing with the vaccination plan, and the fact that they talk about new strains and new lockdowns gives us an opportunity to get people to see the true intentions of the ruler class.

If new strains appearing means new lockdowns and new vaccines, there is no point in taking one vaccine in the first place, because the rulers have revealed that they don’t plan for this to ever end.