I can’t believe it! Who could have seen this coming?!

You were warned, right here on the Specular Effect, that this plandemic virus hoax and the mass hysteria it has caused, was never going to end.

Eh. Nobody cares about facts or the details surrounding the hoax. If you are like me — one of the intelligent few out there who can see all this for what it is — a monumental hoax for all the ages — then you know we are alone and quite miniscule in this endeavor.

We are surrounded by idiots, because idiots outnumber us, therefore complete idiocy has been normalized, instead of intelligence.

Our rulers comprehend this quite well and are capitalizing on it.

This insanity is here to stay. After all, it is the best way to rule — when everyone is in fear.

What is not being discussed anywhere, but here on this site, is the culture of non-action and compliance.

Most are content with and quite welcoming to the insanity that is unfolding around us, but the ones who do discuss it are not doing anything and are just as content with only “discussing” the rapid totalitarianism that is taking over. No action, and I mean real action is not even being visualized out of solidarity and a collective mindset. This is why my site exists — to foster a collectivism to resist the tyranny that has been set upon us.

I am only one person and I am reaching out to all of you readers, in order to set in motion a rippling effect that will reach others.

So, please share links to my site and my articles. We are in dire straits and a totally unprecedented time in human history.

Are you guys aware that Pfizer has launched a #Covid19 vaccine trial for kids as young as 6 months old?

Yes, and the trial will ultimately involve more than 4,500 children under the age of 12, Pfizer says.

In addition, Pfizer CEO admits to wanting the “pandemic” virus hoax to never end, in order for their company to make a shit ton of money out of injecting you and your kids.

If anyone was wondering where the “anti-vaxxers are irrationally afraid of the vaccine” argument was coming from, here’s one place:

Not to worry. Grab a free donut from Krispy Kreme!

Look, for those of you who are still unsure or are convinced that this virus is real, you need to think critically. The reason why you’re seeing people at hospitals ailing and suffering, is because of the lockdowns.

What the insane lockdowns did was, refuse medication and general care to people who were already ill with varying diseases — denying them access to their primary healthcare physicians (PCP), for a very, very long time. Remember, it was only going to be “two weeks to “flatten the curve”‘, and that turned into several months, to a year for these people needing treatment. It was only a matter of time before their conditions worsened.

What occurred as a result, was hundreds and possibly thousands dying due to their preexisting conditions. Those who died were labeled “Covid related deaths”. Those who “made it” to the other side of the lockdown insanity, succumbed to their preexisting ailments and conditions and were still labeled as having covid 19. There has been a massive influx of these people (mostly older folks) into “Covid central” hospitals since, and because the CDC director, Barbera Birx and Anthony Fauci (the man with the plan), insisted that all hospitals and hospital officiants, declare everyone who is ill and have died of other causes, be labeled as having died from covid 19.

What’s even more sinister is, these people who go to the hospital, sick, after not being treated for so long by their PCPs, are then treated under a Corona virus protocol (respiratory ailment protocol), which induces respiratory symptoms, even though they weren’t suffering from such ailments to begin with. They are given certain drugs unrelated to their true ailments, put on ventilators and so on. If and when they die (and they do die), they are recorded as having “died of”, or “died from” (sometimes “died with”) covid 19 or covid 19-related complications.

Yes, I am suggesting that this insanity is and has been to the point of people being spitefully murdered in order to spike numbers and legitimize the insanity and fear of “the virus!”. Hospitals are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per corona virus related death.

Rest assured, it is all a hoax!