Most people who agreed to the vaccine thought that life would go back to normal.

They thought that they were at least going to be able to meet with other vaccinated people indoors.

Surprise! I told you so! “NORMAL” is no more.

Yorkshire Evening Post:

Clarifying the rules on indoor mixing on Friday (2 April), [Prime Minister Boris Johnson] said: “You can meet up as two households or six people outside. Outside is much safer than indoors as far as spreading the virus goes.

“Can I now meet my friends and family members indoors if they are vaccinated?

There I’m afraid the answer is no, because we’re not yet at that stage, we’re still very much in the world where you can meet friends and family outdoors under the rule of six or two households and even though your friends and family members may be vaccinated, the vaccines are not giving 100 per cent protection and that’s why we just need to be cautious.

We don’t think they entirely reduce or remove the risk of transmission.”

The vaccines are useless and no one will ever live a normal human life ever again unless people stop complying with these insane Virus Regime mandates.

There is literally no benefit at all to getting the vaccine. It does not change anything. They are saying now openly that the vaccine does nothing.

Fauci has recently said that the children of vaccinated parents have to wear masks while playing with other children outside.

How are people supposed to meet others and start families if the government doesn’t allow indoor meetings?

Just after the “flatten the curve” lockdown, when they told us that we had to stay locked up for our own good, they said that the endgame was to develop the vaccine, at which point people could return to normal life.

There is no longer any suggestion of potential finality. They are simply saying: “this will never end.”

Tohu wa-bohu, goyim! We are being reduced to nothingness.