Well, folks, UBI (Universal Basic Income) is here. It may not be in full capacity or as many of of us envisioned, but it is here in the most profound way.

Take a look at this article and you’ll see what it is I mean. Naturally, I will explain.

New York 1:

Tax Increases on Top Earners and Corporations:

New Yorkers making $1 million in annual revenue and joint filers earning more than $2 million in annual revenue would see their current state income tax rate rise from 8.82% to 9.65%.

New Yorkers making between $5-25 million in annual revenue would see their tax rate increase from 8.82% to 10.3%.

New Yorkers making more than $25 million would see their tax rate increase to 10.9%.

New Yorkers making more than $25 million would see their tax rate increase to 10.9%.

The Corporate Franchise Tax Rate will increase from 6.5% to 7.25% for three years. Companies making less than $5 million in income will see their rate stay at 6.5%.

The Capital Base Test will be reinstated at a rate of 0.1875%. This will exempt coops, manufacturers and small companies.

The Capital Base Test will be reinstated at a rate of 0.1875%. This will exempt coops, manufacturers and small companies.

Middle-class New Yorkers will see tax cuts:

People filing jointly in $43,000-$161,550 income bracket will see their income tax rates lowered from 6.09% to 5.97%

People filing jointly in the $161,550-$323,200 income bracket will see their income tax rates lowered from from 6.41% to 6.33%

This is what Democrats and socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders have spoken and have been in advocacy about over the years: Redistribution of Wealth. Essentially, theft. Essentially, Socialism.

Yet, taxation itselfis theft, and taxation of the wealthy for the sake of the less wealthy and non-wealthy, is just adding insult to injury.

As expected this will surely force the wealthy to leave New York State and New York City. Naturally, many politicians are concerned about this, even though there are those saying the total opposite; saying NYers leave, because of the lack of state interventionism and handouts.

New York State and New York City, are going full fledged Socialist.

Mobile Sports Betting:

The Gaming Commission will issue a request for applications or RFA to at least two betting platforms and a minimum of four operators to solicit bids for licenses to conduct mobile sports betting in NY.

Platforms which opt to partner with a Native American tribe or nation will be given additional points in the bidding/scoring process.

The state will be issue a request for applications to platform providers by July 1. Applications will be due 30 days after.

In order to receive a mobile sports wagering license, a platform provider would have to pay a one-time $25 million fee to the state. This money would be directed to the state lottery fund for education aid.

This proposal is expected to increase education revenue by $99 million in SFY 2021-22, $357 million in SFY 2022-23, and reach $500 million in SFY 2025-26.

$6 million annually will be dedicated to “problem gaming addiction treatment and resources.”

It will also create a new “statewide youth sports activities and education grant program for underserved youth” under the age of 18, which will be funded annually at $5 million.

The proposal to allow sports betting through on-site kiosks at tracks, stadiums, arenas, and some OTB parlors was not included in the finalized budget deal.

So, not only is NYS and NYC going to be the testing ground for full fledged socialism, it is going to allow gambling within the city limits. Now, there already is a casino in Queens, off of Rockaway Blvd and 114th St.

What is the agenda here?

They plan on keeping NYers anesthetized. Everyday will be a chance to “win big” and get rich by gambling, just like most idiotic people do when they play the lottery. The framework of how goods and services are provided will be forever changed. I suspect there will be a mad dash and concerted effort to promote automation and big tech corporations like Amazon, to play these roles.

Working to sustain one’s self will forever be changed. It will cease to exist. Everyone will now have a monthly or quarterly stipend doled out to them by the state.

(The lottery is just another form of taxation. Taxation of the poor and taxation is theft!, but not if there is volunteerism and if that money isn’t earned, but given by the state. Taxation is what gives fiat currency value; it is what makes it “scarce”).

This is how the new normal will work as far as universal basic income is concerned. It is how they plan on jumpstarting and sustaining an already failed economy. This is an insane, retard level of prolonging the inevitable. Venezuela 2.0 on the horizon.

But that’s not all that’s going on the Socialist paradise of NYC. There’s also a rent relief apportionment of the budget.

Tenant advocates are cautiously optimistic about a new rent relief program that passed in the state budget.

The new, and hopefully improved, program includes $2.3 billion in federal aid, as well as $100 million in state funds, some of which is being rolled over from the previous program.

Tenants will also have a year of good cause eviction protections: a one-year eviction moratorium that starts from when the landlord receives the money, as well as a rent freeze.

This isn’t the case for retail businesses, though. It has been reported that retail tenants owe Fifth Avenue landlords $200Mn in rent.

Businesses aren’t coming back, folks, nether are the tourists these retailers once attracted.

New York is well on its way to becoming a hellscape. I mean, it already is, but let’s be nice and call it what it is intended to be — a Socialist Paradise.

Speaking of paradise, under this new bill, $16Bn are alotted to illegal immigrants, because they too were affected by the covid 19 pandemic.

This is what they want folks — an easily managed and controllable populace.

Push the rich out and shower PoC with gibs. They won’t complain. That’s what they were taught America was all about — the land of milk and honey.

Everything for free! In turn, all they have to do is do what they always did in the shit hole countries they left — depend on handouts from state government and vote for these handouts in every future major election.

Welcome to JewSA!