The evidence shows that there is no “new virus,” and the virus that is called “coronavirus” is just a version of the flu.

None of the examinations of the death rate, when you consider the way it has been hoaxed, put the total numbers above normal annual flu numbers. (The one place that might not be true is the UK, where they have claimed a more significant – though still not crazy-high – death toll. However, they could very easily just be lying.)

However, unlike the coronavirus, which is thus far shown to be identical to the flu (even if it is a bad flu, which there is no hard evidence of), the vaccine could be anything. Among many other potential problems, stimulating a virus response in your immune system could cause you to get virus like symptoms.

I think that’s why we’re seeing so many people have serious health complications after getting the vaccine, and why some people are coming down with the flu after getting the vaccine.

New York Post:

A Brooklyn woman who managed to avoid catching COVID-19 throughout 2020 went down with the bug this month — three weeks after being vaccinated.

Ashley Allen, 31, spoke to The Post by phone while quarantined in her Williamsburg apartment and in between calls from city contact tracers.

The contact tracers “started asking me questions about what I was doing three weeks ago,” Allen said. “And I said I was getting vaccinated.”

Allen was thrilled when she was able to book an appointment for the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the Javits Center on March 10.

The sprawling convention space had just received new shipments of vaccine and was jabbing New Yorkers around the clock — Allen’s appointment was at 2 a.m. As a wine and spirits distributor, she was able to get a coveted early spot even while vaccines remained unavailable to most New Yorkers. Though she experienced a brief fever the next day, her side effects from the jab quickly resolved.

Even after Allen was vaccinated, she was careful to always mask up when outside and wash her hands frequently.

“On Wednesday, March 31, I started feeling like a scratch, a tickle in my throat of some sort. It was super dry,” she recalled. “Then I kept having this dry cough. It kinda felt like I had allergies.”

As her cough persisted, debilitating fatigue set in.

“It started getting really bad, to the point where I did go to City MD,” she said.“I thought I had Lyme disease. I spend a lot of time upstate.”

But a rapid coronavirus test on April 4, plus a second rapid test on April 5, showed COVID. A PCR test, which is more accurate, confirmed it.

There is no real evidence, according to these people, that the vaccine prevents the disease. Further, when you get the injection, you agree to waive any potential lawsuits for anything that it might do to you.

People under 70 have zero risk here, according to the “experts” themselves – but for some reason, they are demanding little babies be “vaccinated.”

Just don’t get involved with this weird stuff, folks. It’s weird, and it’s not good.

Instead of getting a vaccine, you should listen to Christian rap music to strengthen your spirit.

This isn’t a game.