Girls Gone Wild (Police Edition)

By now you readers should be totally aware that women are extremely stupid and incompetent. If not, then you truly aren’t paying attention and are either a woman or a feminized man, raised under a single-mother parenting setting or a matriarchal setting where the father is absent or his presence is overshadowed by that of the mother and the father is relegated to being a bonafide head-nodder.

If you’re the anomaly — you’re neither of these things (which I highly doubt) — then you’re just another pussy-begging lapdog mangina faggot who will do anything to not harm his chances of getting laid, thereby augmenting his mating strategies to increase his chances of getting laid. In other words, you will sing for your supper, regardless of coming face to face with the truth and facts about women. You’re still essentially feminized in the sense of always seeking female validation and approval to satisfy base urges and desires — sex.

Anyway. First principles that apply to women; that are matters of fact and reality are, women are extremely stupid and totally incompetent destructive, cretinous, petulant, retards, who DO NOT belong in public life nor should be allowed to function in any autonomous capacity outside of the auspices of The Masculine. Why? Well, we’ve got the bodycam footage of the Duante shooting, now, folks and…

(Actually, I’ve had it an hour ago, but I had missed the beginning of the press conference and just now went back and watched it, so some of my updates below might seem out of chronological order. Again, I am only one person.

Here it is:

Here’s a longer video inside the context of the press conference.

Here’s what happens in the clip:

  • The video opens with a cop on either side of the car, with Good Boy Doo-Auntay at the driver’s side, in the process of being cuffed.
  • The video is the bodycam of a third officer, who is the female MURDERER (name not revealed, but often called “Cunt Patrol”)
  • The bitch walks up and interrupts the officer in the process of cuffing the Good Boy to act like she’s doing something important (searching him for a weapon even though the male cop already did that)
  • She could have waited 3-4 seconds if she really thought a second check was necessary, but she did not
  • When the bitch interrupted, Good Boy saw a chance at escape
  • He jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to gain control of the vehicle
  • Cunt Patrol pulled her gun and yelled “I’ll tase you” and shot Good Boy
  • She yelled “taser taser taser – holy shit. I think I shot him”
  • The car lunges forward

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Funny, not because someone was shot, but because female stupidity is coming home to roost. This is what happens when you let these dumb cunts participate and roam freely in wider society — disaster!

Remember this?

Yet, why on earth would this “police woman” go up and interrupt the male officer in the middle of handcuffing a known violent criminal?

This perfectly illustrates how horrible women are. They always want to get involved in men’s business, and will often do so under the guise of “helping.”

They really don’t know their place. They don’t know when or how to just fuck off!

I remember one time I was helping someone move, and we were two men carrying a relatively heavy glass and steel table. I had to adjust my grip, as you do when carrying heavy things, and while I was doing that, the woman ran up and pushed the table in an attempt to “help”. I maintained my grip, but it was just like “what the hell are you doing? This could easily break, why would you do that? You’re not helping!”

I don’t know why women do this, but they do it constantly. I think they like the feeling of a man saying, “what the hell are you doing? You’re not helping! Fuck off!” and then replying “oh my God, I was just trying to help! Why are you yelling at me???”

Just fucking dumb and annoying. (I can’t stop laughing).

But wow, just wow.

This is funny.

As far as accidentally pulling the gun instead of the taser – I mean, of course a woman is going to do that. Even after she interrupted the officer cuffing him and let the good boy wiggle away, if she would have just stopped there, the black male officer could have dealt with it.

I have no idea what this video will mean to the rioters. The cops must have thought it was good for them, to release it this quickly.

Probably, in general, mobs of angry people are less likely to get upset about a woman, just because women always get a pass on everything. This is why society is so fucked up, because we’ve allowed these grown children — neotenized incompetent babies — to control, dominate and roam freely in society and public life and when they fuck up, they are NEVER held accountable for their shit. Never!

Guess what? They always get to blame men or some other abstract entity or reason for their incompetence and sheer retardation and society sanctions this phenomenon.

With regards to this shooting, there is no doubt that she caused his death unnecessarily. No one can even make an argument to the contrary. I mean, I guess they can, but it’ll be doing exactly what it is I say about society — people always give women a pass, because of their totally irrational and unfounded affinity towards them (re-read the beginning of this article). They would be succumbing to The Feminine — everything that is illogical, dumb, irrational, makes no sense and that is destructive.

If she wouldn’t have interrupted the cuffing process, everything would have gone fine. Then she had no reason to even tase him, frankly – that black cop could have just pulled him back out of the car. The black officer is big dark black and the skinny mulatto boy wouldn’t have been able to overpower him if that bitch would have just backed away and stayed the fuck out!

This is so funny though.

I’m happy it’s funny, because we see this kind of stupidity and incompetence from women with just about anything and everything. It is evident when it comes to appliances, electronic devices, cars and driving, tools, parenting etc. I want you guys to comprehend this clearly; this also occurs when it comes to them processing information and thinking. When they make attempts at logic and reason, this misfiring of neurons (I’m speculating here even though I’m convinced that this isn’t the case with the female brain. I think it is much more similar to not being able to connect to the internet, because of not having the necessary hardware devices) happens as well. There is no developed associative horizon, so certain parallels cannot be drawn within their minds.

Tazer. Gun. Both are shaped similarly with a trigger. Oh, I’ll just pull one and see if I get the intended effect I’m looking for.

Oh, well. Finding all of this funny is our only comfort.

He’s so right! I can’t stop laughing!

Yes, women are fucking dumb and extremely dangerous, in any setting, and I’ll never stop saying that until you guys get it — they are the primary source of all societal problems, and trust me, I know very well that what I’m saying is extremely hard for many of you to comprehend and accept.