Here’s a video of the known good boy Doo-Auntay smoking weed and drinking Hennessy, dancing around with a gun.

We also have some new photos of bai.

This is the image of a standard good boy. It’s like they have a good boy factory where they pump out these good boys. They are all so similar! You can’t even tell them apart! All products of single mother parenting.

They said the good boy didn’t have a gun when he was resisting arrest and got shot by the Cunt Patrol. Maybe he doesn’t have that gun anymore, because he lost it in the incident reported on below (the one for which he had an outstanding warrant, which is why Top Cunt was trying to arrest him in the first place).

There is a time when the pics and video above would make anyone looking at this situation say: “well, I mean – what are you gonna do?”

But that time is past.

Now, openly violent criminals can be victims of the police, and everyone thinks that’s normal.

If he did have a gun when he was arrested, I think the police chief would have choked back the tears to say that during his gay, faggy press conference. What happened was this:

  • Cunt Patrol was told over the radio that Good Boy has a warrant for a weapons charge
  • Cunt Patrol tried to arrest Good Boy
  • Good Boy did not respect the Power of the Cunt and tried to get back in his car and leave
  • Cunt Patrol freaked and shot him, because Cunt Patrol is a retarded Cunt. Apologies for the redundancy

I don’t know this, but I would say that there is a very good chance the bodycam video of the shooting is going to look pretty bad. Female cops are the stupidest concept ever, and there is a 100% chance that this bitch freaked when she found out he had a warrant for weapons.

He definitely made a wrong move when he got back in the car, but unless he really attacks her on video, this is going to end up being worse than George Floyd.

Then again, maybe not, because it is a woman, and “brave women” with uteruses are very special people in America.