“Based” and “Redpilled”, Occupationist Government Leader, Kamala Harris, took to Twitter at 10:34 PM on Monday night, amidst ongoing riots in Minnesota, to make a thinly veiled call for the lynching of the white cunt who murdered our sweet, sweet Doo-Auntay the Good Boy.

(In case she is called on by the FBI to delete the tweet, here’s a screenshot:

…and an archived link.)

“Prayers are not enough,” the military governor of the Washington Junta said, adding, “while an investigation is underway, our nation needs justice and healing.”

Clearly, if the investigation isn’t enough for justice and healing, she is talking about extrajudicial action. I’m not sure that any occupationist government figure has ever been so aggressive in a call for a lynching. In fact, I’m rather certain that even in the height of the lynching movement of the Southern United States, a leader was not so direct in their call for immediate bloody retribution.

One thing is for certain: a call for such action has never been so unambiguously morally acceptable.

We here at the Specular Effect of course denounce all violence, even violence that is being directly backed by the de facto commander-in-chief of the United States, except in self defense and against the female cunt class that is destroying our societies. Women need to be beaten, badly!

However, there has never been a greater threat to our nation than white female police officers. I do as a matter of course disavow Harris’ call for a lynching, and endorse the investigation process which she has dismissed.

However, it is very easy to see where her call for extrajudicial violence is coming from: white women in positions of power are a scourge on this country, and on the whole world. Women in general of all races in positions of power are detrimental to any and each respective society. They act with utter disdain for human life. Beyond only caring about themselves, they actively seek to harm others, out of pure sadism.

Watching the video of the white cunt, who has been named as Kim Porter, interrupt the handcuffing of our sweet boy Doo-Auntay, we get the very clear sense that she would have been happy if everyone involved in the situation, excluding herself, ended up dead, whereafter she could walk away, claiming to have been a victim. “Omg. That was a child!”

Every person in the United States is aware of the volatility of our current political climate, fueled by racial animosity. Everyone is aware of the fear and anger black people illegitimately feel, because of Jewish and the lying Jewish mainstream media influence. That is why a black officer was the one cuffing the mulatto suspect. However, Cunt Patrol decided to interrupt the process, inevitably creating a violent confrontation where none needed to be.

After the Good Boy Doo-Auntay became agitated, Cunt Patrol then proceeded to continue to involve herself in the situation. Even after creating the confrontation, she very easily could have stood back and allowed the big, strong, full-blooded African to subdue the skinny mulatto boy. Instead, she pulled her gun and started yelling “taser taser taser,” in angst and eagerness, prompting the arresting officer to get out of the way, lest he get shot in the back by this maniacal and bloodthirsty psychopath cunt. The cunt then proceeded to murder the boy in cold blood.

I just want to restate this and make it 100% clear: I unequivocally disavow leader Harris’ call for lynching, as I have faith that our system will put Cunt Patrol where she belongs – on death row. I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I agree with lynching.

However, we must all admit that we do understand the sentiment that Harris is expressing, however misguided that expression may be, and that Harris herself is part of the Cunt Class! Do not lose sight of that last point!

It’s time for our nation not only to justly heal from this vile act by an empowered white cunt, but to justly heal from all of the damage that empowered white cunts have done to our society. We need to begin a process of removing these cunts from any and all positions of power, authority and influence. We’re going to have to put in the work. It’s going to be a tough conversation and an even tougher deconversion, but any action cannot be worse than no action. These white cunts have torn this nation asunder, and it is time to get them out of power, for the safety of our communities, and our boys and men of all ages and colors.

Doo-Auntay wasn’t the first man to have everything taken away from him by a white woman. It happens every single day, but enough is enough. It’s time to deconstruct systemic cunt supremacy.