Look, I don’t trust Jews and I don’t trust women (the original Jews).

Listen to this:

I’m not into conspiracy theories of any kind, particularly the Q-Anonsense conjured up by Trumpanzee retards who believe Trump is gonna have a “redo of the 2020 elections”. Yeah I’m serious. They really believe this bullshit.

The video above sounds a bit like that. Like some dumb shit a boomer woman would mouth off, because her local Walgreens or CVS ran out of the extra plush Depens pads.

Seriously though, the way things have been going the past year with this covid 19 hoax, what she is saying, I’m not sure if there’s legitimacy to it, but it sure as hell won’t surprise me if it didn’t turn out to be true.

Oh! Wait. I just checked out her website:

She is a deranged, boomertard, Christian fundamentalist, new-agey, wagey cagey kook.


Ahhh forget it!

I don’t know anymore. Everything is just so exhausting and insane.

Just don’t take the jab, folks. Don’t do it!