In this incredible and outrageous video footage just released on Twitter, a “white supremacist male” tries to “catch and kill” a “good boy” who was not doin’ nuffin wrong.

Watch this video, and then you’ll understand what “raycism” looks like in everyday life.

Watch this video and you’ll then understand what TradCon, mangina, “14 Words” cuckservative, faggotry looks like and where its toxicity originates and leads to.

It is one thing to suggest that this is just another disenfranchised white male not being allowed to defend his home and his family from an invading nig nog, but the reality of what took place in the video footage, is that gynocentrism kicked in. “14 Words” mangina, white knight simpery took over and clouded this man’s judgements.

People always say, “in everything, look for the Jew”. While I agree, I want us all to start looking for the cunt! The instigator. The one who will get you killed and jailed, white man!

The same instigating siren-like behavior displayed in the footage, is the same behavior she will exhibit when resorting to proxy-violence against your ass! Her cuntery is backed and sanctioned by the state. Don’t you ever forget that!

The white guy I believe is a police officer or military sergeant, so he is 100% cucked, retarded and obeisant to the Feminine.

A white knight, mangina and his pink sweet-smelling cape.

As a result of his white-knighting, this incident has developed into a huge story – here’s the Daily Mail style summary:

  • Someone posted a video of a good boy loitering in a front yard in a suburb and a white man asking him to leave and then getting appropriately aggressive when he refused.
  • The man was doxed.
  • He was arrested and charged with a crime.
  • Protesters showed up at his house.
  • Cops had to remove his family from the neighborhood because the black rioters were going to destroy the town.
  • This is everything that we predicted for the summer of 2021 coming into view. They’re coming for the suburbs.

This video shows a creepy black man, hunched over and shady as hell, in some white guy’s yard puttering about. The video starts after the man has clearly spent some time trying to get this character out of his yard.

The person who posted it on Twitter writes:

Twitter, I’m told this super douche lives in The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please DM me — I want to make sure the name I have is accurate before I blast it all over social media.

Aside from how insane it is that “canceling” is now spreading to random guys in their front yard – if you watched that video, you’re going to see someone acting like a “douche,” and it’s not the white guy, surely. However, gynocentrism led to his erratic and uncollected behavioral responses. He adopted the Feminine and became the aggressor.

In all fairness, if a person of any race was puttering and muttering in your yard like this, you would ask them what was going on (as the man I’m sure did before the video starts), and if they didn’t say they were looking for someone, or that they had some problem, and instead just muttered incoherently as this man is seen doing – you would ask them to leave. If they refused to leave, you could either escalate the situation, or keep your wits about you and handle the situation in a better manner.

Notice, in the abovementioned scenario, no woman was mentioned as being present and this is my ultimate point. Had there been a female presence, there would be impulsiveness, brash thinking and responses to the situation as seen in the video.

This is commonplace in any and every circumstances where the sexes are in close proximity. Any perceived adversities by males when there are females around, usually results in bloodshed, because the women are always watching.

Men reading this can get mad all they want and deny what I’m saying to be true; I got your number! I got your card, and I’m pulling it! I know who you are!

This is the behavioral response of the primitive male brain — the ones who have not found other ways to express their dominance in the male dominance hierarchy. This is why these tradcon, cuckservative, mangina, white knight types, become police officers in the first place. Their capacities to express dominance is on the base level of the common brute. “14 Words” lends credibility and legitimizes the simping inherent in this psychological array. It is ultimately gynocentric!

So, particularly if you’re in front of your wife and children, you want to show them that you are capable of defending the home, but as implied earlier, there are different ways of expressing male dominance and resorting to violence is just one of them.

This cop was just another Wignat type. Dumb, impulsive and volatile; behaving like a badge-nigger. He out-niggered the nigger with his brutishness.

Mind you, I am not suggesting that at times you will not need to posture and take on an aggressive stance, especially against these roaming bands of violent, unpredictable, pavement apes, but being able to keep oneself calm and collected is essential. Being able to properly assess and detect danger goes a long way and having your behavioral responses dictated or hampered by the presence of a female can only result in catastrophe.

Around blacks, never relax.

Yes, yes, yes! This is all very true. I am not saying to relax. I’m saying to be collected and have a sound presence of mind to stay on top of the threat of nig-noggery and block out the call of proxy violence by the cunt horde at the same time.

One thing I’ve realized about millennials is that they didn’t generally have fathers that would act like this and I think that’s a big part of the self-esteem problems, competency problems, and general life failure that we’ve seen in millennial men. My own father definitely had some boomer moments, but one thing I am really grateful for is that he was always strong when I was a little kid, and there was never a moment where I felt like some guy could run up on the family. In his younger years, he took no shit from my mother and other women, too. I think that just having that very basic element growing up really makes a big difference in how you develop psychologically.

It’s like the Fight Club line, “our fathers were our models for God,” and if your father didn’t act like a man, then developing masculinity is a serious challenge. (You can do it – don’t think you can’t do it, but you are automatically starting at a disadvantage like the Kamala Harris equity video.)

This man in the video, many will say, acted exactly in the correct way for a man to act when there is a stranger acting weird in front of his house and the stranger refuses to leave. I kinda disagree. I’ve said why and can expound even further if needed, but I’m sure you guys get what I’m saying. What I am suggesting would not have resulted in this:

This is not me assuming that these are humans and are capable of being rational, but because we know they are dumb violent animals, we ought to take on a different approach, thereby mitigating hostility. Would any of you take this approach with a lion or a gorilla? How about a bear? No! You assess, take caution, while keeping in mind of what it can do and what you can do, in order to mitigate danger and death.

Throughout the video, you can see basic ape behavior by the white guy – he puffs up, then calms down, then puffs up again, then calms down. To most this is normal human confrontational behavior to avoid violence, but is it really avoiding violence? Not in the least. It is actually doing the opposite — invoking and inviting violence with the hope that the other party backs down.

The good boy in the video is technically on public property, but we all know the scene – this is one of those grotesque cul-de-sacs where white men have been forced to move because the blacks literally conquered their historic inner cities that their grandpas built. (Editor’s note: they did not “literally conquer” the cities – they were brought in by the US federal government. If it was not for the US federal government, 97% of black Americans would live on farms in the South. These people do not move state to state if not incentivized.)

This jogger did not in any way belong there, and was clearly there simply to do exactly this: make trouble for white people.

After posting the video, the Twitter account successfully doxed the man.

Well done, white man! You’ve managed to protect your family by putting them in more danger. Your white-knighting and super-mangina tactics have surely born good fruit. 14/88!

Who put the video online? The dumb white cunt.