You’ve heard about it here first — “The Great Replacement”. I’ve probably discussed this here on this site way too many times to recall. IT IS REAL!

The weJ is a Liar! and yes, they are behind the death of the white race and they use white women to achieve this goal.

Tucker Carlson is correct in everything he has said about the topic, but it is mind-boggling to me how the Jews at Fox News have allowed him to mention it. I smell a rat. I sense a serious backlash coming.

The ADL was founded by Jews, as I’ve mentioned before and are the most hateful and hostile group in America, just as any other Jewish group around the world, is.

As I’ve mentioned in another article, they were behind Ruby Ridge, the Waco Texas massacre, ALL online defamation and censorship campaigns, censorship on campuses and much much much more.

Multiculturalism means death to whites, literally and figuratively in every single aspect and facet of social life.

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

The lying rat Jew bastard, Jonathan Greenblatt says, that when whites speak out against mass immigration it’s anti-Semitic. So, basically pointing out that immigration and demographic replacement is a Jewish funded agenda and construct, is anti-Semitic. Speaking the truth about Jews is anti-Semitic. They are so feminine.

On top of that, he is trying to shut down Tucker Carlson, because Tucker is telling the truth about white replacement. Whites, you are being replaced. White man! They want you gone, so they can create a world of low IQ workers who won’t resist their conquest for global financial domination. In the words of Jewish activist, Barbara Spectre: “Jews will be at the center of it.”

Remember, when you speak about white replacement, it’s anti Semitic. When Jews or any other minority advocate for it, it’s “progress.”

I will continue to compile a list of prominent anti-white marxist Jews, so we can name them to uninformed normies. We can start with a few: George Soros, Gregor Gysi, Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Jonathan Greenblatt, Barbara Spectre, Ronit Lentin, Alana Lentin.

Read ALL of my articles on “The JQ”, to get more names. There are many many more and they are all around us, hating us gentiles.