This is what you asked for White man!

When you allowed your white cunts to roam freely in public life and occupy public spaces; allowed them to vote and you pretended that they were intelligent and not the brain dead, neotenized, retarded cunt children all women are; this is what you get! Chaos, destruction, tyranny and totalitarianism.

Current Head of the Cunt Class, VP HARRIS: “Black women in our country are facing a maternal health crisis…we know the primary reasons why: systemic racial inequities and implicit bias.”

Remember, I’ve always said: tyranny — be it socialism or communism are Feminine constructs.

Socialism is what occurs when the Feminine wants to save the world, one mal-adjusted kid at a time — thinking she is the answer to all the world’s ills and problems; that she can rescue the world and bring order to it by her very existence and this capacity is woven into the very fibers of her being and her femininity.

Communism is what occurs when the farce, stupidity and impracticality of the Feminine is found out and recognized for what it truly is — unrealistic, narcissistic, solipsistic, retarded, impractical, destructive; just about everything women essentially are.

Lest you guys forget, everything we are as humans; everything we construct through ideas, postulations, values, principles, institutions, laws and jurisprudencial frameworks, cultures and societal constructs and substrates, ALL hang on two main biological facts and realities — Male and Female — Masculine and Feminine. EVERYTHING emerges from those two bio-psycho-social constants and they are inescapable.

Even what I am saying here and what I have written in most articles pertaining to the stupidity and retardation of women — my recognizing and pointing out that they are quite dumb and incompetent — is masculine in origin.

Yes, you cannot call or consider yourself masculine and not recognize this fact of reality; that women are quite dumb and the Feminine is the sole destructive force among the human species, when left up to its own devices and capacities — outside of the auspices of the Masculine.

Socialism is feminine, because it seeks to circumvent competition, which is Masculine. Most effeminate men (men who have adopted and adhere to the Feminine) are socialists and are likely to be, liberals and leftists and sympathize with communism. This is what single-mother parenting, or a home setting dominated by Feminine values leads to — fags!

These are men who avoid competition and conflict as women do.

[As a first principle, we must always remember that women are stupid and everything that follows after their interference or whatever comes out of their value system is going to be just as dumb. Needless to say, there are men who are just as dumb who will fall for the Feminine chicanery.]

[Many cunts and morons will respond to my statement with, “You’re generalizing. Not all women are like that”, without realizing that they are making my point with that quintessential response. How?

The mere fact that they would point out that I am generalizing would indicate that they are aware and recognize that my statement is indeed a generalized statement and comprehend the nature and function of generalities. In addition, they mentioning the obvious — my statement about women is generalized — is to point out that there are exceptions to the rule. However, women are extremely fucking stupid, and as mentioned before, cannot process information, they are unable to see that a generalized statement, already and inherently acknowledges that there are exceptions, hence it being a generalized statement. It appeals to the cognoscenti and doesn’t require some moron saying, “You’re generalizing!”

So, the mere fact that they are using the argument of exceptions, supports the fact that my generalized statement is accurate and functions as intended, which is to point out the commonality and not the exceptions.

I admit that this is a fourth tier, high IQ deliberation, and a perfect shit test to determine the type of people you want to be around, keep company and worth conversing with. Again, this form of retardation exhibited by women — not being able to comprehend generalizations — makes my points that women destroy society, women do not belong in public life, women deserve to be caged, women cannot process information.]

You! White man, have veered away from this first principle that all of human history, regardless of race and socio-cultural evolutionary stadial progressions, have found to be a constant of reality, and yet, you still continue to ignore these facts of life; bitch and complain and blame Jews [who are to blame to a great extent, but women are the first and original Jews and the Jews have already adopted and incorporated the framework of the Feminine into their bio-psycho-social existence for thousands of years], holding up the “14 words” to be principles to live by and a hill to die on.

You’re surely dying, that’s for sure and it is because of the inherent gynocentrism found in those same “14 Words” that had blinded and feminized you to the point of sheer stupidity and absurdity. You are afraid to hold your cunts accountable for their stupidity and destruction.

You glorify dumb shit like this, because you have lost. What’s worse is, you’re too retarded to recognize defeat.

You have been kicked around and pushed aside and still haven’t recognized that you’re in a fight. In a war! One that you have ultimately lost and is swiftly advancing towards your extermination and extinction.

Yet, what has occurred as a result of not being able to recognize the true cause of your ever growing and current demise (women/white women), has ultimately feminized you to the point where you are content with resting on your laurels. Your preoccupations with romanticizing a fictional construct of white existence — fantasizing over the past accomplishments a few, yet significant whites, dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome — has seen you being surpassed by and taken advantage of (to the point of being enslaved) by other races. The current ideological framework of most Wignats and white EthnoNats are no different to the “We Wuz Kangz” morons.

The previous picture meme typifies your stagnation — inability to reinvent yourself to ensure your own survival. You are stuck and mired in stupidity and cerebral insufficiency and your current ethos is that of misdirected anger and emotionality, because you have been feminized! Your entire current existence can be summed up in single words — non-action — Feminine.

Please pay attention to the gynocentrism going on in that clip.

Imagine simping for non white women when yours look like this…

Simping is simping, you dumb fucks. I don’t care if the bitch is white or not. Again, this is the problem with you White EthnoNats and “14 Words” morons. You are simps!

You have become the dregs of society in the very society your ancestors have built; a mumbling, bumbling idiot who feels a sense of accomplishment, because you can say the word, “nigger”. Then everyone you interact with, especially those you disagree with, becomes a nigger [or Jew]. You’re like a child with a brand new toy. Like a woman who uses information she has learnt about a man, conveniently to insult and inflict shaming.

This is because you have allowed your women to dominate you and in turn you’ve adopted her mannerisms. In turn you have adopted the Feminine.

You exhibit the same behaviors as a nigger when you castigate those you disagree with, by calling them a nigger. Your very own brothers and sisters you do this to. You become the very animal you shun and despise.

Yet, this is what to expect from low IQ, cerebral insufficients who are beyond the reaches of reason and logic. Like women.

Your testes have receded and now function as ovaries. You are literally governed by your insecurities and it has led to your destruction. Your preoccupations with securing a future for a bitch who throws you under the bus every single time and has every single time shown herself to be the weakest link, and you continue to make excuses for her, bail her out and sing her praises. Your stupidity and how feminized you have become is jaw-dropping.

Look, being drawn to the preoccupation of ignoring reality is extremely feminine. We can avoid reality, but we cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

This is what these tradcon white knight white EthnoNats and Wignats continuously do — ignore reality like women.

What’s worse, they ignore the reality and the consequences of ignoring reality and this is why we are where we are today.

They have failed to acknowledge that women do not care about reality, truth, justice or fairness. They only care about perceived victories over Men. This is the essence of The Feminine and Female Animus which dominates you today.

Women are similar to blacks and even worse. They possess similar IQ ranges and thresholds, where blacks do not care about truth and justice; only racial victories over whites, women are only concerned with scoring victory points over men to assuage their insecurities about being physically and mentally inadequate.

Yet, the white man has gone and ignored reality by pretending that the white cunt is intelligent and capable of being autonomously responsible.

This is why it is so useless in discussing anything or arguing with them. You see, women can ALWAYS (without consequence) safe guard and act as if nothing matters, because nothing matters to them, but everything matters to us men. (Another reality ignored by the white man).

They ALWAYS safeguard by retreating to absurdities and frivolity, because nothing truly affects them. Truth, justice and reality mean absolutely nothing to them and they can, as they often do, retreat to their feelings being the arbiter of reality and justice and truth, even though this is never the case. They are ultimately a waste of time, outside of the roles dictated to them under the auspices of The Masculine.

Still, the white man ignores these blatant realities and refuses to put a knee on the neck of the dumb white bitch.

What we are experiencing with Kamala Harris and other cunts in positions and offices of power and influence, is as a result of the white bitch and her betrayal. She is the white man’s insecurity, hence the “14 Words”, but he is so emasculated that he cannot see that his very own insecurity oppresses him.

Women shouldn’t be in public life, PERIOD! NEVER!

Yes, they must be relegated to private life, as in the household. Not even within the immediate community in which they reside, should they have any public roles and interactions. Only if they are doing so under the auspices of The Masculine. They are inherently destructive. They should not be treasurers or head of the HOA.

Any positions of authority or decision-making, they will ALWAYS misuse and abuse. Their emotions will only take them to extremes. ALWAYS, without fail.

White men, you dishonor your ancestors, even those those from just a few generations ago. The spirit of the last few generations of whites has been trampled under foot by the morons and intellectuals among you. That spirit of rebellion for a greater cause, utilitarianism, pioneering and innovation is lost, because of you; because you fail to keep that white bitch in her place.

I remember Stefan Molyneux interviewing Jared Taylor and they both came to a stalemate about why white altruism is a problem — why do whites side with causes against their own interests — and neither of the two ever once mentioned the White cuntbag.

Is it ignorance? Is it cognitive dissonance? I am not the only one who sees this!

I can’t be!